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Teetee goes to the 'dark side'

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:08 am
by teetee
Thanks for tuning in for another Teehee grow. I can''t believe it's been a full 3 months since I jarred up my last mega-harvest!

I will be interested to see what the quarterly electric bill will be like, as this is the first time I have not had the set up running 24/7 in about 4 years.

It's been lovely not having the fans on.... living rurally, I've really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Alas, it's time to put a stop to all that, and finally get another grow on.... don't wanna run out of bud, and there's a house inspection in May.

Also it's getting into Summer here, and it's gonna be a hot one... temps are already up in the mid 30°C's, and it stays up in the mid to high 20°C's at night.

I'm used to growing Autos under 24/0 lights, and in the Summer, I have to run air-con 24/0 as well.... I was chewing up the 'leccy, so this time I thought I should run some photoperiod plants instead.... that would make a big dent in my lighting bill, but the fans will still have to be on 24/0 as well as the air-con.

There's a few reasons why I haven't been growing during the last 3 months...

  • we had a house inspection in Nov, so I couldn't do anything from Sept to Nov.
  • I had loads of bud from the last grow..... loads of it, man!
  • I've been waiting for a package from Dinafem with my prize for winning the AFN Dinafem Best Picture competition in November.
Well, I was about to give up hope, but on Monday, it arrived! Father Christmas popped round early!

Big thanks to Mark at Dinafem Seeds for having a word with Santa and getting the elves to pack this lot up for me....
Dinafem freebies 1.JPG

A very fabulous Humboldt T shirt and a little bag stuffed with goodies...
Dinafem freebies 3.JPG

...skins, roaches, grinder, sticker, and most importantly:

  • Blue Amnesia XXL Auto x5,
  • Gorilla Fem x5
  • Purple Afghan Kush Fem x6
Pretty much everything I need to get caned apart from nutes, coco and lights!

I have a nice big seed collection, about 180 seeds in all, mainly Autos, but a few Regs and a few Fems.....

I’ve only grown Autos, except for my ill-fated first ever home grow back in the UK, where I grew some Barney’s Farm feminised ‘Pineapple Chunk’ in a fancy wardrobe and RDWC set up, which I chopped early and destroyed the evidence before emigrating in a hurry, ahem.

So as I’m a relative newbie to photo's, and crossed to the ‘dark’ side, please join me on my latest quest!

I have a shiny pack of Dutch Passion's 'Des Frans' sitting there that my main man Dutch Passion Tony sent me last year, and I've been desperate to try some after reading Autoberry's numerous reports as to how strong she can be. This would be a nice addition to the new Dinafem Fems that Mark sent me.

We had a mental storm on Friday, ripped trees out of the ground, lines came down and we had a power cut for 24 hours..... not a good thing if I'm planning a photo grow......

Mind you, my tent is hardly what you call 'light-proof' - this is just the front door, lights on.....
light leaks.JPG

There's a few other rips, dodgy zips and thinned out bits, so it's gonna be hard maintaining a dark period during the (bright) heat of the day, as I was planning on doing.

On top of that worry, I opened the little bar fridge that I have up here for my oil and seeds.... the fucking thing had defrosted during the power outage, and filled the lower compartment up with water.... the compartment where I keep the seeds!!!!!

The whole lot was under water, so I had to go into salvage mode, fuck Christmas, seeds came first.

The Dutch Passion metal cans all leaked, I poured out the water and found the paper packets inside were drenched... luckily they are lined with plastic, and after opening a few with shaky sweaty hands, I realised they were sealed water tight, and all good.

The Dinafem cans also had leaked, but the seeds inside were in plastic vials, and they were fine. The new 'prize' seeds didn't even make it to the fridge, cos I'm such a lazy stoner.

So Chrissy was back on!

I always grow 4 plants in 20L airpots, so that's not gonna change.... apart from that I now realise they are 25L.... I went through 2x 50L bags of Coco.

I've decided on:

  • 1x Dutch Passion 'Des Frans' - 100% Sativa, super strong cross of 'Destroyer' x 'Destroyer'
  • 1x Dinafem 'Gorilla' - 60% Indica 40% Sativa, cross of Chocolate Diesel x Chem Sister x Sour Dubb
  • 2x Dinafem 'Purple Afghan Kush' - 100% Indica, cross of Purple Kush x Pre'98 Bubba Kush
this run.JPG

These are some top drawer strains!

The plan is to grow these out, take a few cuttings before flipping over to 12/12 and re-veg the cuttings for a second grow to end just before the May inspection.

They take 8-9 weeks in flowering, so with 4 weeks veg, this grow shouldn't take much longer than any of my big Auto grows... they've tended to take 12-15 weeks in total, so these Fems will be much the same.

After years of growing Autos, I feel I know the cycle of the plant reasonably well, and I'm ready to join the big(ger) boys. I know they are Fems, but it's a step closer.... I have some old Regs sitting around, but I can't be arsed dealing with males. My grow time is precious and I need to get good results each time.

I got my trusty 25L airpots and filled them with coco, soaked them with EC 0.7 feed made up of 0.3ml/L House and Garden Cocos A&B, 0.1ml/L drip clean, 0.3ml/L Roots Excellurator and 0.3ml/L Nitrogen boost mixed into EC 0 rainwater. We've had loads, so the tank is full to the brim.

I planted the seeds about 2cm under the surface, covered each pot with clingfilm and stuck them under a Skyline 400 LED at max height for a bit of warmth.

This is them before plonking some card on top to keep the light out....
day 0.JPG

They usually take 48-72 hours to show their heads using this technique, and there's no soaking of seeds, using wet tissue paper, or any handling of the root whatsoever!

I usually use a Bluelab Guardian, trusty, reliable and quick pH and EC readings. Unfortunately, my pH probe has been giving me grief for the best part of a year... I replaced the probe and I'm still getting weird readings... a good pH2 or 3 over what it should be. and I can't recalibrate it, because the unit brings up an error message whenever the pH is more than pH1 out.

I've been faffing around making 'recalibration' solutions of varying pH's to nudge the set pH down, but it never quite gets there, so I am gonna have to send it off to get looked at..... luckily I have an old Bluelab pH pen that recalibrated correctly and works, so although it's a bit slow compared to the instant readings that you get with the Guardian, it will do until I get my Guardian sorted.

I also have a Bluelab truncheon, but that seems to be about EC1 lower than it should be.... WTF.... these can't be recalibrated, so I'm stuck on that one. Luckily I keep a spreadsheet of all my grows, and I've listed the amounts of each additive I've given with each feed, and the resulting EC's, so I can always refer to that if needed.

I've recently been advised that I should have started in small pots and potted up a few times before using the 25L airpots..... Rookie Mistake number 1 then, eh?

I would have a go at potting down (?) into smaller pots - I have some 5L airpots somewhere. but no more Coco..... I dont think I'll do a very good job using the Coco that I already have in to 20L pots as it's wet and won't be easy to handle.

Plus there's no grow shops out here, and delivery will take 10-14 days, by which they'll hopefully be a bit more rooted, and I don't wanna run the risk of damaging the roots while messing around repotting them.

I dunno why, but I feel a bit nervous about this one..... the light leaky tent bothers me, and I don't want a bunch of hermies. That's why I waited on the Dinafems, or else I would have done some old Seedsman Fems that I bought 4 years ago... I need Dutch Passion and Dinafem stability to make up for any cock ups!

And with cock ups in mind, I find myself careering towards Rookie Mistake number 2..... the lights are on 24/0 while the seedlings hatched.... and yesterday, they all popped up. The PAKs were both 48 hours from sowing and the Gorilla came next at around 60 hours closely followed by the Des Frans.

100% succesful germination technique maintained!

But...... I should really switch the lights down to 18/6. Old habits die hard.

Or.... can I keep the lights on 24/0 for another 2-3 weeks to get them going?

My Autos never had a problem filling out the 25L airpots, but the lights were on 24/0.... I could treat these Fems like Autos in veg and do the same. I've vaguely heard of people starting 24/0 and dropping an hour or 2 of light every week, so week 2 is 22/2, week 3 is 20/4 etc....

Anothe old habit of mine is not to do too much with them during veg, but I suppose I can tinker around with these Fems and do some topping and training while in veg without stressing them out like Autos?
day 1.JPG

Hers's my tiny new Babies, in their fucking enormous cots.... hope they fill out quick!

Have a great weekend!

Re: Teetee goes to the 'dark side'

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:25 pm
by ledbud
Nice see you growing again bro, i dont have grow now as my friend has family over for few months.
i have look for new place to grow.
You will have great grow with 12/12 they are easy just need work out best time to change from veg to flowering.
i normally go into flowering when they are about 20" to 2ft.
You got some nice seeds and good luck.
Have great 2019 brother.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee goes to the 'dark side'

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:58 am
by teetee
Cheers Bro, you have a good one too. I feel your pain about not havng a grow on.... hope you don't run out!

They are just over 2 weeks old now, so I thought it would be good to compare how they progressed each week.

Here they are after 8 days....
group 5.JPG
clockwise from top left: PAK 2, Des Frans, PAK 1 and Gorilla
....and again a week later on day 13....
group day 13.JPG

They are all doing pretty well, except the PAK 1.
She was the first to show, and started well, but by about day 4 it was obvious she wasn't growing.... she was getting discolouration in the leaves that now look pale green around the edges with central darker patches around the veins.

I was feeding her the same as the others... an EC 0.8 pH 5.8 light mix with 0.3ml/L A&B in EC 0 rainwater buffered up with 0.2ml/L Cal Mag, 0.3ml/L Roots Excellurator, and 0.3ml/L Nitrogen Boost. She seemed to be slowly picking up, so I was not too worried, but I did dilute her feeds down a touch.

Here at day 13 you can see she's certainly growing, but nowhere near as quick as the PAK 2.
day 13 PAK 1.JPG

I initially thought she was locked out early on, and so I reduced her feed strength to EC 0.7. Now I think she's under fed.... those leaves are pale around the edges, there's no tip burning, and that's making me think she needs more Nitrogen, so tonight I'm gonna up the EC to 0.8

The other PAK, was looking perfect.
Here she is on day 8....

You can see how much more PAK 2 developed compared to PAK 1.... the 1st 3 set of leaves are much bigger, and the 2nd set of 3 leaves are well on the way with PAK 2.... also the colour was much healthier.

By day 13 you could see PAK 2 had continued to grow at a phenomenal rate....
day 13 PAK 2.JPG

The brown edge on that lower leaf is from the fans blowing the leaf against the freshly watered medium 3-4 days ago.... so no harm.

The pot is about 10 inches in diameter, so you can see how big she is already, she's popping out her 5th set of 5 leafed leaves and she has well developed side branches under those fans.... 13 days.

The others are also doing well...

The Gorilla next, starting on day 8...

She is looking mighty fine.... there's some mutant funny business going on with some of the leaves, but she seems very healthy so I'm not worried.
This is how the Gorilla looked by day 13...
day 13 Gorilla.JPG

Finally the Des Fran on day 8....

In this shot on day 13 you can see the obviously different structure and leaf sihape to the others... pure Sativa, while the PAKs are pure Indica and the Gorilla's a hybrid....
day 13 Des Frans.JPG

Up until around day 8, I had been feeding every other day, about a litre or 2 circumferentially to keep the oxygen levels up in the bulk of the pot and encourage lateral root growth, and also a 100ml squirt using a syringe just around the stem.

Just a touch of run off, but I use Drip Clean which should reduce salt build up.... I don't wanna drown them in the early days, and I want them to have roots that grow outwards searching for water and nutrient, rather than having the tap root just racing downwards, so that's why I circumferentially water early on.

I started on an EC0.7 mix, and upped it to EC0.8 on day 5.... as I said, I dropped the EC to 0.7 for the PAK 1, and kept up with normal feeds for the others for a few more days before thinking about increasing the EC again.

After day 8, I started to give them a good amount of feed and really flushed through the airpots to re-oxygenate and get rid of stale nute.

I had them under 2x Skyline 400's, and was planning to put them under a Skyline 400 each by 2 weeks, depending on when I could be bothered to change a plug on one of them.... 3 are UK plugs and one is an Aussie. I prefer the UK style.... nice and solid... you know where you are with them! The Aussie ones are a pain, you have to pull back the rubber cover (with difficulty) to expose the wiring and you have to loop the wires inside to prevent accidental yank outs...

By day 13, they were on an EC 0.8 pH 5.8 feed, a good 3-4 Litres every other day to give them a good flush out, and a bit of time to get the roots to scavenge.

I have the lights on 24/0 at the moment I've still not wired that plug on unit number 4, so once I've done that, I'll give them each a Skyline 400 to bask under.

I have rotated them once by 180°, and will do a daily 90° rotation every day pretty soon.... all if I can just pull my finger out!.

Re: Teetee goes to the 'dark side'

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:43 pm
by ledbud
looking good bro. i trying work out grow at my mates house but his wife not to happy.
just keeping my fingers crossed. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee goes to the 'dark side'

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:53 am
by teetee
ledbud wrote:looking good bro. i trying work out grow at my mates house but his wife not to happy.
just keeping my fingers crossed. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Fingers crossed from over here too Bro. Bribe her with food!

As I said to my old friend Taipan :lol: on AFN, once you get used to having limitless supplies of top drawer bud, scoring again will be a nightmare.

It's day 21, so let's start with the group shot...
day 21 group5.JPG
clockwise from top left: PAK2, DF, PAK1 and Gorilla.

They all have a Skyline 400 LED each to bask under, now that I finally changed the plug on unit 4, and I'm feeding them about 4-5L daily...... if I can manage it :roll: .
They seem to be filling out the 25L airpots nicely, so I'm hoping for a good run over the next 14 days and flip them at about 5 weeks.

The PAK1 is back in action, I am now giving her the same EC0.9 strength feed that I'm giving the rest.
She's just popped out her 5th node, the new leaves are looking lush and green, and although the older leaves look strange, they seem to be functioning....
day 21 PAK16.JPG

I wanna give her a few more days before thinking about topping her. She is developing nice looking side branches under those 3rd and 4th node fan feaves, and I'm thinking about defoliating her to expose more new growth.

PAK2 is looking a lot more developed. I topped her last week on day 18 and she now has 7 nodes, and nice looking side branches.
day 21 PAK27.JPG

Gorilla is also looking great, again I topped her on day 18, leaving 7 nodes ....
day 21 Gorilla 13.JPG

I've been leaf tucking (on them all), and you can see how those side branches are doing...
day 21 Gorilla 24.JPG

Finally the Des Frans. She is the picture of heallth...
day 21 DF 11.JPG

I topped her on day 19, again leaving 7 nodes....
day 21 DF 22.JPG

I'm gonna pop out in a minute to get some soft wire, and get going with LST on the longer side branches for the big three.

Cheers for looking in, gotta run!