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Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:14 pm
by belfiore
Good grow teetee. they so big.

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:22 am
by teetee
cheers man, but maybe too big?
I kept giving Nitrogen boost all the way through so far! Autoberry (Automaster on UK420) reckoned I should keep giving a little N during flowering, esp for Sativas, as it helps develop the structure required for big blooms. I normally stop giving Nitrogen Boost when they stop stretch.
On top of that, because they were getting so big, I'm giving more Cal-Mag than I normally do.
Usually I give 0.2ml/L in veg and 0.3ml/L in flowering, but I've upped it to 0.4ml/L as they are so big and needy, plus the lights are on 24/0 so I thought they should have a bit more Cal-Mag.... and as the NPK is 2-0-0.... that's more Nitrogen.
All this extra Nitrogen is why they are so damn big.... the last time I used so much N was when I did those AutoUltimates.... and we all know what happened there!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:39 am
by belfiore
I add grow feed 1 a week also even in flowering. make leaf healthy. Ledbud told me to do like this.
:-P :-P

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:07 am
by teetee
It's been a while since my last update, so let's start with day 65 and we are in mid flowering. The most boring bit for me.

Here's the group shot clockwise from top left... the enormous White Widow, then the almost as huge Blue Amnesia back right, the Glueberry OG front right and Night Queen there front left...
day 65 group.JPG

Night Queen had a lock out in mid veg, so didn't develop the structure needed for really big buds, but she's filling out nicely all the same. This is how she looked on day 59...
day 59 NQ 1.JPG

The buds themselves look the same as they usually do.... but the structure is rod like rather than grenade like, as in my last grows. She's been a picky feeder as well, not wanting the higher EC's that I usually give her.... maybe a different pheno?
day 65 NQ.JPG
Night Queen day 65

Next the other Dutch Passion Dame... the Glueberry OG. She was crammed out by the Blue Amnesia, so she's had to spread into her available space, and the weight of her fat colas are making the stems bow open...
day 65 GB 1.JPG

Here's a closer look.....
day 65 GB 2.JPG

The DinaFem Girls are just massive.... taking up a good 2/3 of the tent.

First the (slightly smaller) Blue Amnesia XXL. She is XXL all right!.....
day 65 BA 1.JPG

I have given her a good clear out underneath.....
day 65 BA 2.JPG

You can see how much stringy crap was down there before from this pic on day 59. All gone now.....
day 59 BA 1.JPG

This is her from the other side......
day 65 BA 3.JPG

..... and a bit closer....
day 65 BA 5.JPG

The White Widow XXL is the beast of the bunch at 115cm high and at least a metre wide... I really think she could have filled a tent on her own....
day 65 WW 1.JPG

I have also given her a good trim down under. I should end up with just fat buds, and loads of them!

Here she is from the other side.....
day 65 WW 2.JPG

.... and a close up from day 59....
day 59 WW 1.JPG

Plenty of room and time to fatten up.

So it's week 10.... the Night Queen will be finished soon... I have her on a separate feed to the others, at EC 0.9 rather than EC 1.0 like the others, but she's on full strength Top Shooter for a final push. I'm thinking at least another week before I consider flushing her.

The Glueberry OG also looks like she's fattening up well, and I suspect she's gonna be another couple of weeks before flushing.

Then it will just be the Blue Amnesia and the White Widow... and they will go past the 100 day mark for sure!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:21 am
by teetee
No an update for day 74 and they are all hurtling towards the finish line.

Here they are as a group...
day 74 group.JPG
clockwise from top left and also in decreasing height... White Widow XXL, Blue Amnesia XXL, Glueberry OG and Night Queen.

I strapped on the macro lens so this week is all about trichomes....

Starting with (what I think is) this week's nicest picture...
day 74 NQ 1.JPG

This is Night Queen, and she's close to harvest. I love the colours!

The trichomes are mostly opaque and a few ambers are starting to show....
day 74 NQ 4.JPG

The pistils are all orange now, so she's nearly done.

Here's another Night Queen Shot with the lights on.....
day 74 NQ 2.JPG

She is thickly coated and sticky icky...
day 74 NQ 3.JPG
day 74 NQ 3.JPG (117.14 KiB) Viewed 11502 times

Based on the pistil colour, I was planning to start flushing her yesterday, but after taking these pics and seeing the trichomes, I decided to hold on for a bit longer.

The Glueberry is probably next in line to finish....
day 74 GB 1.JPG

There's a few new white pistils popping through, so there's some growth still going on in those already very heavy colas.

The trichomes are all mainly milky but there's also a few clear and a few opaque.....
day 74 GB 2.JPG

The Blue Amnesia is also very heavily coated....
day 74 BA 1.JPG

A lot of milkies, but also plenty of clear ones..... there's loads of white pistils so she has a good few more weeks left in her, I think.
day 74 BA 2.JPG
day 74 BA 2.JPG (63.16 KiB) Viewed 11502 times

Finally the White WIdow..... something weird was going on with her.... I wasn't seeing much growth or trichome loading. Her leaves were going yellow, while the Blue Amnesia was still (mostly) green and swelling up.

I wasn't seeing much new bud growth, the pistils were truning orange, but not much in the way of new flowering, no new white pistils. She was drinking a good 7-8 Litres a day though.... maybe a tad less than the Blue Amnesia....

I was in a dilemma....

do I up the EC.... she's a big girl with big needs, yellowing leaves, drinking well, reduced bud growth and delayed trichome loading......

or do I lower the EC..... slight brown tips on some leaves, the run off was a higher EC (1.4) than the feed (1.0), maybe she was locking out?

I decided to lower the EC on Friday, and today's pics surprised me.... there was some trichome action, but I want more....
day 74 WW 1.JPG

here's another shot....
day 74 WW 2.JPG

I'm hoping she'll step up a gear and put the Top Shooter to some good use and start fattening up and get a bit juicier.

If I can push her past the 100 day mark, there's still plenty of time!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:36 am
by teetee
This is the update for day 81, and as always lets's start with a group shot....
day 81 group.JPG
Clockwise from bottom left.... Night Queen, Glueberry OG, Blue Amnesia XXL and White Widow XXL

Blue Amnesia been a looker right from the start, she's big, fat and she absolutely stinks!

Here she is from the right side door....
day 81 BA 1.JPG

You can see how much I have trimmed away, look at all that branching!

A closer look at the chunky buds.....
day 81 BA 2.JPG

Here she is from the other side......
day 81 BA 3.JPG

The Blue Amnesia looks like being the tastiest of the bunch. There's more than just blueberry in that smell, it's very intoxicating just smelling my fingers after I've plucked a few crispies out. Yum!

The White Widow best seen from the left side door....
day 81 WW 1.JPG

.... and with the lights off, you can see she's looking very healthy......
day 81 WW 2.JPG

...... from a different angle you can see how deep those thick long buds go! She is a MONSTER!!!
day 81 WW 3.JPG

Her buds smell very piney citrussy.... I'm looking forward to smoking some of this and it looks like I'm gonna get a good supply!

The Glueberry is shorter than the WW and BW, but she is full of thick sticky buds with that familiar hashy/fruity scent.....
day 81 GB.JPG

Her colas are so heavy, I've had to attach 14 yoyo's to hold her up! I'd attach more, but I ran out.

I plan to start flushing her some time in the next week..... maybe.....

I AM flushing the Night Queen .... she produced much smaller buds than the others, but I'm happy with what she's got.....
day 81 NQ 1.JPG

The buds are thick with trichomes and smell lovely.... strawberry milkshakey.

The sweet taste disguises how insanely strong this stuff is!
day 81 NQ 2.JPG

She's been flushing for 4 full days now, I use plain rain water, plus 1ml/L Advanced Nutrients - 'Flawless Finish'.

I put 10L in immediately, then an hour later put another 5 in...... and keep putting 5L in every 3 hours for the first day, then slow it down to 5L twice a day with a 3L given an hour after the 5L.... if you see what I mean..... I hydrate the plant, then allow time for the excess nutrients to move from the plant into the medium, then flush again to bring the EC of the medium down again...... rinse and repeat....

After 3-4 days the EC is down to a steady 0.1, so to avoid bud rot, I get chopping..... tonight!
This is the easy one!

Have a great weekend and Happy Growing!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:10 pm
by ledbud
Bro there loads lovely buds there.
Great grow teetee bro. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:12 pm
by ledbud
when the coming down tetee bro.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:22 am
by teetee
ledbud wrote:when the coming down tetee bro.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

A lot has happened since my last update, Ledbud, the Night Queen and Glueberry OG are down but there's still plenty of action with the DinaFem girls.

I took the Night Queen down a couple of weeks ago on day 82......
day 81 NQ.JPG

She was the smallest of the bunch, but still took me 3 nights to take down. After drying in boxes for 10 days, she's jarred with Boveda 62's to cure for a month. Dry weight was 4.90 ounces or 138.9g.
NQ dry haul.JPG

I took the Glueberry OG down last weekend starting on day 94. She also took 3 days to harvest, but her colas were much bigger....
day 94 GB.JPG

She is currently dismembered and hanging in a few boxes.

That just leaves the Blue Amnesia and the White Widow. Both are XXL varieties, and they weren't joking. This is how they were a couple of days ago on day 97......
day 97 group 1.JPG
White Widow front left and Blue Amnesia back right.

A closer look and you'll see it's just a sea of fat colas....
day 97 group 2.JPG

Thw White Widow is just immense.....
day 97 WW 1.JPG

..... and from another angle....
day 97 WW 2.JPG

The Blue Amnesia is also full of bud......
day 97 BA 1.JPG

I can't get over how fat her buds are.....
day 97 BA 2.JPG

.... and from a different angle....
day 97 BA 3.JPG

Here's a view of her other side.....
day 97 BA 4.JPG

..... you can see the White Widow in front..... look at all those Donkey Dicks!!!

Basically I have a load of colas on sticks. Pretty much all the leaves have fallen off, so harvesting this lot will be a lot easier. Plus there's the added joy of going "WOW" every time I hang up a manicured stem!

The main cola on the Widow is over 40cm, and the whole main cola bundle is over 50cm long!!!! Gonna have to find a bigger box! Actually, I might use the tent for drying, instead of using the usual cardboard boxes (I'll have to make some more up, and I can't be arsed).

I had a look at the trichomes last night, both plants are showing all opaques now with a few ambers here and there. , so I've started flushing them both today (day 99) and plan to get them down over the weekend.

I decided to renew the lease agreement for the place we're renting at the moment, so there's no rush regarding this harvest.
The problem I have is the next inspection is due in November..... not enough time for another grow.......
What I might do is use the tent for drying this lot (not something I usually do), then pack everything up for a month, and sow seeds in October.
By the time the inspection comes, the plants will still be small enough to box up and hide. Then, once we get the all clear, I can finish them off.

I'm still debating having a go at some Regs as the Summer gets so hot, and moving from having lights on 24 hours a day to a 18/6 and 12/12 schedules will keep the temps down and save some cash on the electric bill. Last year I had the air-con on non stop, as well as the lights etc..... $$$$$$$$$$

I have some Southern Star seeds that have been sitting around for ages, plus some more recent Dutch Passion 'Des Frans' seeds that I'm dying to try..... knockout gear, allegedly!

Hope your grows are kicking ass!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:13 pm
by teetee
It's been a long week....

I started chopping the White Widow on Sunday (day 102), did a bit more on Monday, and finished her on Tuesday.
On Wednesday (day 105), I got on with The Blue Amnesia, and finished her last night. 3 days each plant (but I start late at about 11pm and finish at around 3am each time), and now the weekend is here, I'm fucked!

The Glueberry OG came down on day 93 so I've weighed and jarred her with Boveda 62's for a month's cure.
As usual, the super reliable Dutch Passion Glueberry came in heavy at 10.42 ounces (295.40g)
The Night Queen is also jarred, weighing in at 4.90 ounces (138.91g).

So on day 102, this is how things looked in the tent, just the two DinaFem Girls.....
day 102 group.JPG
White Widow XXL front left and Blue Amnesia XXL back right.

The harvesting was reasonably easy, each stem had a fat cola on it, and so I just cut the stems off near the base, snipped off any side branches and pulled out any crispy leaves out by hand.

There wasn't many big leaves left really, just trichome encrusted sweetleaf, I manicured them using clippers, and hung them in batches. The main stems were just hung directly while the side branches were clipped to 'sock hangers'.

It probably would have taken less time if I pulled my finger out and rolled less scissor hash enriched joints! :grin:

Here's the final shots of the gigantic White WIdow XXL before she came down....
day 102 WW 1.JPG

and from a slightly different angle, you can see the huge amount of thick bud she's produced...
day 102 WW 2.JPG

A view from above shows solid bud way beyond the main cola.
day 102 WW 4.JPG

The main cola itself is a good size....
day 102 WW 3.JPG

She's now hanging to dry in 5 boxes,...
day 108 WW crop 1.JPG

day 108 WW crop 2.JPG

The Blue Amnesia XXL was a teeny bit shorter than the Widow, but her colas were fatter....
day 102 BA 1.JPG

Here's the main cola....
day 102 BA 2.JPG

I ran out of boxes, so I have just one box full of stems drying, and the rest, I hung up in the tent.
day 108 BA crop.JPG

That mesh panel in the roof comes in SO handy! Essential for any tent set up, in my opinion.

The sock hangers are really versatile too, you can load them up quickly and hang them as shown above, or I suspend one in a perforated cardboard box.....

.... and hold it in place by simply closing the flaps.

I used to manicure the buds then snip them off the stems, load them into brown paper bags and then clip these to the sock hangers..... and hang the sock hangers in a well ventilated room. This is some from a previous grow....

It worked well for smaller batches, but big harvests took ages, and I worry that all that handling was making valuable trichs fall off. I much prefer to hang direct now, as it's quicker and there's less fucking around.

Lights have been off since the harvest started, and I have the intakes and extraction still going, along with just the floor fan on a medium setting

It's weird not having to lug 20 Litre buckets of water around, and I keep feeling I have to water plants... but I'm gonna shut things down for a month or two and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I'm just waiting a week or so to have the Widow and Amnesia dried and jarred. I can't wait to see how much they weigh. I wouldn't be surprised if they gave a kilo in total.

Bollocks..... it looks like I might have to buy some more Mason jars and Boveda packs..... problems, problems!