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Teetee's 18.4oz Blue Amnesia and 15oz White Widow monsters

PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:57 pm
by teetee
All right?

Thanks for tuning in to another Teehee grow.

I've been growing mainly Dutch Passion Autos, getting some huge monsters on the way. My last grow yielded over a kilo dry from 4 Autos, and I'm very loyal to the brand.

DutchPassionTony always looks after me and his generosity means I don't have to buy any more seeds for many years. These are the latest additions to my collection.....


I'm gonna do another Glueberry OG and a Night Queen. The Glueberry is always a big producer and is a good strong all round smoke. Night Queen is just superb - pure Afghan Indica - I grow one every run. Thank you Tony!

I was also lucky enough to receive a gift from Dinafem-Mark, some Blue Amnesia XXL Autos and some White Widow XXL Autos.....


I am so grateful to you Mark, I've popped one of each, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. White Widow's a classic, and Blue Amnesia sounds amazing. Then there's the XXL bit.....

I love the tins for both brands, the Dinafem ones were much smaller than I expected, but quality.

Our gaff is rented, and subject to an inspection every 3 months. That makes growing pretty tricky.

I also live miles from any civilization, so getting grow supplies is like getting blood out of a stone. I've been waiting 3 weeks for a couple of bags of coco.

As soon as the last inspection finished, I planted the beans. We want to move out in exactly 3 months so I had to get cracking.

I only had a few litres of Coco left over, so I wasn't able to use my usual method of planting directly in 20L airpots. I have 5L airpots which I sometimes use if my 20L ones are still in use, but there wasn't enough coco even for them.

So I got a few paper cups, poked a few holes in the bottom and filled them with coco, soaked them with EC 0.7 feed made up of 0.3ml/L House and Garden Cocos A&B, 0.1ml/L drip clean, 0.3ml/L Roots Excellurator and 0.3ml/L Nitrogen boost.

I planted the seeds about 2cm under the surface and covered each cup with clingfilm and topped them with some thick card to keep the light out. I stuck them under a Skyline 400 LED at max height for a bit of warmth.

2 days later 3 had popped, the Blue Amnesia was first, follwed by the White Widow, then the night Queen.

The next day there was no sign of the Glueberry so I carefully dug down to find her with her helmet off, cotyledons out and looking very pale - almost white. I teased her head out of the coco and pretty soon she started to stand up and turn green.... SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!

100% succesful germination technique..... just.

Here they are later on that 2nd day....

day 1.JPG

I started feeding the same mixture on day 3, and again on day 5 and 7.... using a 50ml syringe to deliver 100ml gently around the seedlings.

Here they are on day 5

day 5 group 1.JPG

I was beginning to panic, the bloody Coco still hadn't arrived, and I didn't want to have the tap roots hitting the bottom of the cups as I want to avoid stressing them out during the transfer to the 20L airpots.

Finally it arrived this morning - day 9..... so I filled up my trusty 20L airpots, and made a hole in the centre to fit a cup in.

I used scissors to cut the bottom of the cup off, made a slit up the side of the cup, then carefully plonked it in the hole, and slowly pulled up the cup, leaving the seedling in place in the 20L airpot.


It worked a treat.

day 8 group.JPG
clockwise from top left: Glueberry OG, White Widow XXL, Blue Amnesia XXL and Night Queen.

I used the syringe to give them another quick 200ml feed just around the seedlings, and got on with the rest of my day.

This evening, I mixed up another 40L feed, upping the Nitrogen to 0.4ml/L making it EC 0.8, pH 5.8, and gave each pot 10L to saturate the coco and get a bit of run off. The Aquavac is a vital piece of kit for sucking up the run off in a jiffy and giving the tent floor a quick hoover.

I have them under 2 Skyline 400 LEDs at the moment, and will turn them a ¼ turn every day.

They all look pretty happy. The Dinafem girls are bigger, and the Glueberry is the smallest but she was dug up from the dead, so she'll be a day behind the others, but its early days!

Some close ups on day 9 just after repotting, to finish off.....

day 8 WW.JPG
White Widow XXL

day 8 NQ.JPG
Night Queen

day 8 GB.JPG
Glueberry OG

day 8 BA.JPG
Blue Amnesia XXL

Cheers for stopping by, I'll update every week or so!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:32 pm
by ledbud
loads nice seeds bro.
monsters no the way.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:51 am
by teetee
Ha ha, well so much for weekly updates :roll:

A lot has happened, so here's a recap.

Here they are on day 13......
day 13 group.JPG
clockwise from top left: Glueberry OG, White Widow XXL, Blue Amnesia XXL and Night Queen

The plants are between 3½ to 5 inches high..... the Glueberry OG is the shortest (but I did have to dig her up from the dead) then the Night Queen, and the Dinafem girls being the tallest.
They took to the 20L airpots very well, and I was feeding them 1-2L a day,

By day 18, I thought I should do some leaf tucking, as the new side shoots are getting obscured by the big main fan leaves.
day 18  group.JPG
clockwise from top left: WW, GB, BA, NQ

After leaf tucking, very soon (and I mean within hours) you can see the plant adapting to it's new shape, the leaves and shoots settle into their new positions and you should see a lot of growth occur over the next few days. I just keep running my fingers through the leaves to make sure nothing is getting caught.

I've been rotating them a ¼ turn a day, and they were drinking about 4-5 litres of EC 0.9 feed daily... I started adding Amino Treatment - basically Silicon, and they all have a Skyline 400 each, about 50-70 cm above them.

Apart from watching the football with games at midnight and 4am, I've had a difficult few weeks.... blistering headaches and both shoulder rotator cuffs are fucked, so I haven't been giving the girls my full attention.

I must have not fed them for 3 days and then when finally pulled my finger out and watered them, I left them again for 3 days..... the Night Queen wasn't happy and her main cola's new leaves were going yellow at the tips. Yhis is how she looked on day 28....
day 28 NQ2.JPG

I wasn't seeing much growth going on with her.... in fact she' had looked no different for maybe a week.

I'm back in the groove again and I decided to feed her an EC 0.7 feed.... flush out in a way, but with a nice easy nute mix...... she hadn't been drinking much either cos I had loads of run off and her pot was reasonably heavy after 2 loads of 3 days no feeding.

Here's another shot on day 28...
day 28 NQ1.JPG

You see how her lower fans have gone yellow as well. Not a happy girl.

This is an issue I seem to get with one plant nearly every grow I do..... last time it was the Pineapple, the time before Cindy Jack.... etc.

I can't work it out.... The yellow tips on new growth give leaves that look stripey, or old fan leaves are green in the middle with yellow edges.

It always happens in week 3... a crucial stage as they move up a few gears and go through a big growth spurt.

Was it the infrequent feeding?

When I prepared the reparative EC 0.7 feed, I noticed the temp of the water was 12°C.... I had made the previous feeds in a hurry (normally I let the water reach room temp before mixing up) and must have given them really cold feeds at least twice with 3 day gaps in between.... shocked roots?

The temp in the tent was between 27° and 31°C.... cold roots and hot temps?

The infrequent feeds I gave were an upgrade from the previous EC0.9 to EC 1.0.... did I lock her out? My last Night Queen was at EC1.1 at this stage.

The others were looking better.....
day 28 group.JPG
clockwise from top left: White Widow XXL, Glueberry OG, Blue Amnesia XXL and Night Queen
You can see that Widow starting to break away from the others.... she's gonna be HUGE!!!

I was up waiting for the Portugal Uruguay game and I decided to spend some time with the girls and stake them out..... they all need to spread out a bit, and at 1 month old, they are just starting to flower. Now's the time to expose as many tops as possible before they go into stretch. The other option to staking is to remove leaves, but I prefer this method.

I started with the White Widow XXL.... the biggest and healthiest plant in this run.

This is her before, on day 28....
day 28 WW.JPG

.... and after staking out all the long stemmed lower branches....
day 31 WW1.JPG

A close up shows those stems bent out at almost 90°, but the tips and side branches recover very quickly and start growing upwards again. A low stress supercrop!
day 31 WW2.JPG

Then I did the other Dinafem, the Blue Amnesia XXL. This plant is a bit shorter, and more bushy. A stake out was really needed not just to expose all the tops, but also to get some light and air in.

This is her on day 28....
day 28 BA.JPG

.... and after staking out.....
day 31 BA1.JPG

and from above...
day 31 BA2.JPG

A close up shows how I bent out the branches....
day 31 BA3.JPG

The Glueberry OG is another squat, leafy plant. I've been really tempted to cut a few leaves off, but resisted the urge and now she's staked out..... because she was a bit shorter, I used soft wire to hold the bent stems down by hooking them to the holes in the sides of the Airpot.

Before, on day 28....
day 28 GB.JPG

.... and after some training of the lower side branches....
day 31 GB1.JPG

.... and a close up.....
day 31 GB2.JPG

Finally the Night Queen..... slowly recovering from some kind of lock out issue.
I had a bit of a dig around to find the causes of yellow tipped leaves, and one theory is light burn, not heat stress.

According to Grow Weed Easy, Light burn usually causes yellow leaves at the top of the plant directly under the grow lights (though it can appear on older leaves that have been exposed for a long time).

With light burn, often the inside veins stay green. Yellow leaves won’t fall off or be plucked off easily, unlike a nitrogen deficiency where leaves fall off on their own. I found this to be true.

Light burn is often mistaken for a Nitrogen deficiency which makes wilting yellow leaves. Nitrogen-deficient leaves fall off on their own, while light-burned leaves are hard to pluck off.

A Nitrogen deficiency creates yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant as the Nitrogen is sucked out of the oldest leaves to feed the top of the plant.
On the other hand, light burn produces yellow leaves at the top of the plant under the grow lights because the leaves have worked too hard and/or too long from the light being too close. The leaves aren’t able to keep up with regular plant processes.

They also said that Light burn is very common with LED grow lights with just read and blue diodes, without any diodes in the green spectrum.

Bearing in mind I have my lights on for 24 hours a day non stop, and that these LEDs are very powerful, I'd say this might be the problem...... I haven't adjusted the height of the lights since they were seedlings, so perhaps the high intensity of the Skyline 400 was too much for the Night Queen?
I dunno, but when I saw all 4 plants showing signs of yellow tips one morning, I had to act fast!
I cranked the lights up for all 4 from 1ft to 2ft above the tops.

The Night Queen was not looking brilliant, but she was growing and flowering....
day 31 NQ1.JPG

She wasn't very big, but most of her stems were clumped together in groups of 2 or 3, and I thought it would be good for her to spread out a bit with a few stakes, and maximise what pitiful harvest she has in store for me.....

Here she is afterwards.....
day 31 NQ2.JPG

Today it's day 37, week 6, and the Girls are all in flowering mode.

Last week I staked them out, and they have all gone into stretch. Now they have plenty of space to fill out with some fat buds!

The White Widow XXL is just massive.... 80cm high and 70cm wide......
day 37 WW1.JPG

and she has tons of long stems all ready to explode with flower.....
day 37 WW2.JPG

The other Dinafem, the Blue Amnesia XXL is not as tall, at 55cm and 65cm wide, but again, there's plenty of potential in her....
day 37 BA1.JPG

From above, she has lots happening....
day 37 BA2.JPG

The Glueberry OG is gradually moving up the gears, she is also 55cm high but much wider than the Blue Amnesia, at 75cm....
day 37 GB1.JPG

The Glueberries that I have grown in the past have all shown prolific multi stem growth, and this one's no different.....
day 37 GB2.JPG

She might be slightly shorter than the massive White Widow, but I reckon she will give her a good run for her money and also give a huge yield. I'm smoking some of the Glueberry from last grow, and it's such a lovely smoke!

I also love smoking Night Queen, but I don't know if I'm gonna get as much as I did last time. She has recovered from her lock out, but is on an EC 0.7 feed, compared to the others, who are on EC 0.9.

She has stretched and is just taller than the Blue Amnesia and the Glueberry, at 57cm. Unfortunately, because she locked out at such a crucial stage in her growth, she's a bit on the spindly side.....
day 37 NQ1.JPG

I dunno if she's a different pheno to the ones I'm usually blessed with, this one's a light feeder compared to the ones I've done before, and has a completely different leaf shape as well.

I staked her out just to maximise the minimum, and she's looking OK.....
day 37 NQ2.JPG

So as a group, her they are, with the massive Widow at the back left, the Blue Amnesia next to her. The Glueberry is in front of the Amnesia with the spindly Night Queen beside her....
day 37 group.JPG

Thanks for taking a look, have a great weekend!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:47 am
by ledbud
Looking very nice bro.
Night Queen buds will get bigger. growing karma to her.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:28 am
by teetee
Cheers Ledbud, your karma seems to have worked!

I took a few pics on day 38 last week, the White Widow is so big, I wanted to get one from above to show her true girth, but it wasn't easy. I had to get up on tip toe....
day 38 WW1.JPG

As well as that, here's some close ups all day 38, starting with the White Widow, main cola tip....
day 38 WW3.JPG

The Glueberry is also showing nice early flowers....
day 38 GB1.JPG

The Blue Amnesia is just a little behind, but her tops are full of vigorous growth...
day 38 BA1.JPG

Even the Night Queen is progressing well.....
day 38 NQ1.JPG

Today it's day 44, and the tent is jam packed.....
day 44 group 1.JPG
Front left is Night Queen with the enormous White Widow behind, and on the right, Glueberry OG in front and Blue Amnesia behind.

From the right side door, this is the view.....
day 44 group 2.JPG

The Glueberry is front left, she has 3 main colas, and a whole lot more going on, on the right is the Blue Amnesia.... also very bushy and full of flowering tops.
The White Widow is towering over, behind the BA.... she's best viewed from the left side door.....
day 44 WW.JPG

She is just enormous, and remember she's just an Auto and only 44 days old! 105cm high and over 90cm wide. I reckon she could fill a tent on her own if I spread her out a bit more, unfortunately, she's got some other big girls to compete with.

The Glueberry is shorter than the Widow at 75cm high, but she is gonna pack out with bud.
day 44 GB.JPG

Blue Amnesia is 80cm high and is also looking very happy, showing her XXL potential...
day 44 BA.JPG

Even the Night Queen has fully recovered from her shock in mid veg, and is making up for lost time. She's also 80cm high and she's been gracious enough to allow the White Widow and the Glueberry to spread out into her space.......
day 44 NQ.JPG

Sorry for the smoke in the last pic, I was just having my morning spliff!

They are all on a EC 1.0 feed (except the Night Queen on EC 0.8) , I'm giving A&B, Cal Mag, Roots Excellurator, Multizyme, Bud XL and Nitrogen Boost..... basically my usual veg mix plus Bud XL.

I will soon add Bud Candy and reduce but not stop the Nitrogen, to keep them a bit greener during flowering.
Then I'll start adding the flowering boosters..... starting with a few days of Bud Ignitor then a few days of PK13/14 round about day 50, and finishing off with 3-4 weeks of Top Shooter.

They all get 6-7 litres a day. but the big 3 could use an extra feed during the day.... I only mix up a 20L bucket of nute, so there's none left to top up during the day.
I am gonna buy a bigger tub, maybe a 60 Litre one so I can really max these girls out in flower. I'm also getting a bit sick of lugging a 20L bucket upstairs on a daily basis.... a bigger batch of nute makes sense all round.

It's Winter here, so the days are long and sunny, but chilly. Max temps 18-20°C in the day and 10°C at night.... in the grow tent, it's 23°C right now, and it might max out at 28°C.... the best time of year for indoor growing, so I think that's why my Girls are so happy right now.

Have a great day, good growing karma to all!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:14 pm
by ledbud
Looks amazing bro, they starching nicely.
That big ass fan you got in there bro.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 1:01 pm
by teetee
cheers man, that red fan on the ceiling is invaluable to keep the temps down, puls I have another similar sized one on the floor. Gotta keep that air movin'.

It's a real jungle in there. if all goes well the Widow's gonna give well over 15 ounces, the Blue Amnesia and Glueberry will do over 10 each, and the Night Queen 4-5 ounces if I'm lucky!

I had to chop the undersides out of the big 3 yesterday while watching England lose, moved the lights around a bit.... can't wait to get my new Skyline 100's.... the Widow could use some more lighting.... I'm tempted to get the old Photon and Helios out.

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:44 am
by belfiore
Very nice grow teetee. you going have many buds.

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:02 pm
by teetee
I hope so Belfiore mate. These girls are on Steroids!

it's day 52 and the grow is progressing well....
day 52 group.JPG
clockwise from top left.... the enormous White Widow, Blue Amnesia, Glueberry OG and Night Queen.

You can see the DinaFem girls at the back dominating the tent..... the space is full to the very edges.

Last week on day 49, I gave the big three a good defoliation underneath, cutting any leaves that aren't getting much light and any poxy stems that won't get near the top, or produce much more than wispy flowers.

This is how they looked afterwards. First the White Widow.......
day 49 WW.JPG

then the Blue Amnesia.....
day 49 BA.JPG

and best seen on the Glueberry
day 49 GB.JPG

I left a few healthy looking leaves, but they will drop off soon. I figure every leaf has a function, may as well let them contribute while they can.

Also during the week, I took delivery of 2 new Skyline 100 LEDs....
Skyline 100 unpack 04.JPG

It's a solid built piece of kit, about 2kg in weight and 20cm in diameter, 15cm thick from the back to the tip of the plastic dome.
Skyline 100 unpack 05.JPG

The dome over the LEDs is plastic, seems quite tough.

On the back, there's the logo and a screwhole for hanging.
Skyline 100 unpack 06.JPG

I was wondering how the hell I was gonnna hang it, when I found this in the box....
Skyline 100 unpack 07.JPG

.... which screws neatly in allowing me to hang it with a rope ratchet. (Sorry about the big arsed fan in the background).....
Skyline 100 unpack 08.JPG

Muddy was good enough to send me two Skyline 100 Full Spectrum units... running at 50W draw each, they'll make great additional lighting for any monsters that need a little extra. He also sells a Veg version.

I mounted them above my Auto White Widow XXL adding to her existing Skyline 400
Skyline 100 unpack 09.JPG

The White Widow XXL lives up to her name.... she's an absolute monster so the new lights have arrived just in time for flowering!

The Skyline 100's really put out some light, it's very intense bright white, so be sure to wear protective glasses.

Skyline 100 unpack 10.JPG
and up they go, giving my White Widow a helping hand.

The Widow needs it. This is how she looks today on day 52.......

day 52 WW 1.JPG
side door view

day 52 WW 2.JPG
side door close up

day 52 WW 3.JPG
front door view

day 52 WW 4.JPG
front door close up

day 52 WW 5.JPG
main cola tip

The Blue Amnesia XXL has shifted up a gear, and is catching up to the Widow...
day 52 BA 1.JPG

a better view of her canopy
day 52 BA 2.JPG

and a close up of the main cola....
day 52 BA 3.JPG

The Glueberry OG, poor girl has been pushed into 3rd place in size....
day 52 GB 1.JPG

but she's building lovely long colas.....
day 52 GB 2.JPG

The Night Queen is squeezed into the corner, but she's filling out nicely....
day 52 NQ 1.JPG

The big three have all been on PK13/14 at EC 0.9 for 2 days.
The Night Queen started PK 13/14 today at EC 0.8... don't wanna cook her again!

As well as the PK (in the form of House and Garden 'Top Booster'), I'm giving Multizyme, Bud XL, Bud Candy all at 1ml/L and a hint of Nitrogen boost (0.2ml/L) to keep them green in the final stages.

I usually give the PK for 4 days, then move to Top Shooter till the end. I finally bought a 60L bin to mix up more nutrient, so I'm feeding twice a day, 5-6L at a time.

That's it for now, good growing karma to you all!

Re: Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:47 pm
by ledbud
Monsters bro. great grow.
You need help with trimming.