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Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:46 pm
by ledbud
AMAZING grow bro. so healthy and lush.
I have used all led models made by ledhydroponics and Skyline is definitely the best.
New MK2 coming soon.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:57 am
by teetee
I agree mate, I've used Helios and Photons, both great, but these Skylines are the bollocks.

Each panel looks like a floodlight at Wembley!

I've seen pics of the Mk 2 and they look great as well. When you gonna get one?

Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:05 am
by ledbud
Muddy want sell out mk1 first, i think he still got loads mk1 stock.
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Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:23 am
by teetee
ledbud wrote:Muddy want sell out mk1 first, i think he still got loads mk1 stock.

no worries man, I'm very happy with what I have right now.

Its day 38, and they are looking great....
day 38 group.JPG
clockwise from top left: NQ, GB2, PE and GB1.

Night Queen is probably the most advanced in terms of flowering. There's plenty of bud sites at the surface of the reasonably flat canopy....
day 38 NQ1.JPG

She has not stretched very much - standing at just over 50cm, instead she got very bushy and grew in width so I had to give her a bit of a trim down below and internally, to thin her out a bit and let the air in. I might open her out with some stakes this weekend, if I can pull my finger out.
day 38 NQ2.JPG

This is how she looks underneath....
day 38 NQ3.JPG

I was quite savage, as I didn't want loads of popcorn, now I can let her concentrate on making thick hard colas. As this week progressed, I did the same to all the others.

Pineapple Express is stretching the most at the moment, she's 75cm high, and looking sweet. I have also thinned her out and chopped her undercrackers out.
day 37 PE.JPG

Glueberry 1 is stretching nicely as well. She has heaps of tops showing, so I'm hoping she'll be another big girl.
day 38 GB1 2.JPG

Glueberry 2 has recovered from her little blip, and is also stretching nicely. She won't be as big I reckon.
day 38 GB2 2.JPG

Feed has changed a little, I ran out of Nitrogen Boost midweek. Just in time really, so I have upped the A&B to give me a bit of N in the mix while they still stretch, and I started giving Bud XL. They still get Cal-Mag, Drip Clean, Roots Excellurator and Multizyme.

EC is at 0.9 still, but the GB1 and NQ are thirsty as hell, wanting about 6-7L a day, while the GB2 and PE are drinking 4L or so. I will probably make up an EC 1.0 feed for GB1 and NQ while I just tweak the feed for GB2 and PE down a bit.

To be honest, I think they could all do with a bit of staking out..... I have been pretty lazy on this grow, but a bit of effort this long weekend will really pay off later on.

That's it for now, thanks for dropping by!

Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:31 pm
by belfiore
they are huge for 35days. great grow.

Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:28 pm
by ledbud
they looking really healthy and lush bro. going be another monster grow.
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Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:49 am
by teetee
belfiore wrote:they are huge for 35days. great grow.

ledbud wrote:they looking really healthy and lush bro. going be another monster grow.

Cheers Guys, i't really filling up in there. all 4 plants are on full blast!
Ledbud, what are you doing using my passport picture for your Avatar Bro?????

Here they are today on day 47 basking under 4 Skyline 400W units.....
day 47 group 1.JPG

.....and a little closer showing from top left, Night Queen, Glueberry OG2, Glueberry OG1 and Pineapple Express.....
day 47 group 2.JPG

The only way is UP!

PE is the tallest, she stretched nicely in the main cola, and the sides have been staked out (finally!) to let the light in......
day 46 PE1.JPG

and a little closer.....
day 46 PE2.JPG

NQ being 100% Incica, is the shortest, but most advanced in terms of flowering. She might be hiding behind PE, but she's got some girth on her.....
day 47 NQ1.JPG

Her buds are developing nicely with a nice flat canopy, and she's already giving off that sweet strawberry milkshake aroma that I love so much!
day 47 NQ2.JPG

The Glueberries are also getting big. GB2 had a shaky week mid veg, so is slightly smaller than her sister, but she stretched nicely, and is full of flowering tops, so it looks like she's gonna give me a nice result......
day 47 GB2 1.JPG

Here's another shot of her.....
day 47 GB2 2.JPG

GB1 is another monster. If I had the space I would really open her out with some stakes, but I have no more width available in this saggy 1.4m x 1.4m tent. Mind you, I could try and open her up just a little.... I don't wanna disturb the roots too much though......
day 47 GB1 1.JPG

Both Glueberries have shown explosive side branch growth...... little shoots just push their way up through to the canopy giving a huge amount of tops. The stretch is not just in the main cola, all the side branches have stretched just as high, producing a tall hedge rather than the Christmas tree look like the Pineapple Express.
day 47 GB1 2.JPG

The weather is out of sorts for this time of year, an unusually hot and humid spell, but inside the tent it's 27°C 75%RH

Feed is made up from EC 0 rainwater with 0.3ml/L Cal-Mag (I have increased it from 0.2ml/L now they are in bloom). I then add 0.5ml/L A&B then Roots Excellurator (0.3ml/L), Multizyme, Bud XL and Bud Ignitor (all at 1ml/L) to make an EC 1.1 mix. I give that to the Glueberries and the Night Queen, then add a litre of water to dilute it to EC 0.9 for the Pineapple.

My Bluelab Guardian is playing up, so I am not sure of the pH of my nutes..... I found in previous grows, I had to add half to three quarters a pippette of pH down depending how far I am into the grow.... so that's what I do now.... a little squirt of pH down but there's no accuracy. I'm hoping the buffering capability of the Coco is keeing the pH in check.

Next week I will do 3-4 days of PK13-14 and then move onto Top Shooter. for the final few weeks.

All looking good so far though, looks like I'm gonna get a nice haul! Thanks for looking in, and good luck with your grows!

Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:23 am
by belfiore
very good grow teetee bro.

Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:16 pm
by ledbud
Looks amazing teetee bro. they going be some big girls.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Glueberry OG x2, Night Queen and Pineapple Express

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:00 pm
by teetee
Cheers Guys, Nice of you both to say how good things look over here, but unfortunately, it's not been a good couple of weeks.

The plants were all doing so well, then one day I noticed the PE getting rust spots on the tips of her uppermost large fan leaves. I was in a hurry and shot off to work.

When I got home I was too knackered to look at my plants, so next day I was alarmed to see a lot more rusting going on.

It was creeping up the leaves, and the affected leaves were probably half rusted by the time I decided to pull my finger out.

I've been lazy with the feeds, mixing up one 20L bucket of nutrient to feed all four plants..... 5-6L each gives no run off, and I've been doing that for at least a week.

Also the Night Queen and GB1 want higher EC feed (like 1.0 to 1.1) while the Pineapple wants much lower (0.9).

In previous 'Multi Strain Madness' grows, I've made up separate buckets for each plant, but that's been beyond me these last 3 weeks.

I've just been making up an EC 1.1 feed, then giving that to NQ and GB1, then I'd add some water to the nute mix to bring the EC down to 1.0 and give that to GB2. Finally I'd add more water to the nute mix making it EC 0.9 and give that to the Pineapple.

So the Pineapple showed rust spots because all that dilution had reduced the concentration of the Cal Mag. I started giving her individual feed with Cal Mag at the usual 0.3ml/L and it stopped progressing immediately.

Previous pics show yellowing of the leaves in my plants, but a lot of that is due to the intense light coming off the Skyline LEDs. This is GB1 on day 53 with lights OFF.....
day 53 GB1 lights off.JPG

.... and this is her with lights ON......
day 53 GB lights on.JPG

The leaves look worse with the lights on, but I can't be arsed to sort out the white balance on my camera!

You'll also notice I finally managed to put some stakes in and spread her out a little. I did it over the weekend, so this is how the tent looked soon afterwards from the side door on day 53.....
day 53 group.JPG
clockwise from top: GB1, PE, NQ, GB2.

The Night Queen is coming on very nicely there. She is packed full of chunky colas.....
day 56 NQ 1.JPG

Being a 100% Indica, she's not as tall as the other hybrid strains, but she's close!!!
She has a wide flat canopy and the buds are probably the most advanced out of the four plants....
day 56 NQ 2.JPG

This looks like being the best Night Queen I've grown so far.

The Pineapple, as I said earlier, took a bit of a kicking on the Cal Mag front, so she looks a bit fucked....
day 55 PE 1.JPG

Her buds are developing well, and have a good frost on them already, but those leaves......
day 55 PE 2.JPG

Luckily it seems that the rusting was only in the upper larger leaves, but the main cola took quite a hit. Despite all that, she looks like giving me a nice amount of sticky bud!

The Glueberries are at different stages. GB2 is slightly smaller, and more developed in terms of flowering. That can only mean GB1 is gonna be another monster!

Now I have staked GB1 out, she is absolutely huge!
day 56 GB1 1.JPG

You can see how many secondary colas she has in there...
day 56 GB1 2.JPG

Looking at her main cola, you can see how far behind she is compared to the others.....
day 56 GB1 3.JPG

Glueberry 2 is also doing very well....
day 56 GB2 1.JPG

..... the buds on her are a lot fuller than her big sister.....
day 56 GB2 2.JPG

I gave them all 5 days on PK 13-14, giving PE an EC 0.9 mix, and the rest an EC 1.1 mix.

Now they are on Top Shooter, at 0.5ml/L, with Bud Candy, Bud XL, Roots Excel and Multizyme all at 1ml/L. Cal Mag is at 0.3ml/L.

I still don't know the exact pH of my nutrient mix,,,, I just squirt a bit of pH down in the hope it's doing the right thing.

My Bluelab Guardian shows a pH of 10.4 when I test it with pH 7.0 buffer, and it shows 'error' when I try to recalibrate it. Luckily I've just taken delivery of a Bluelab pH & Conductivity probe care kit, so hopefully I might be able to rehydrate the pH probe with the KCl and recalibrate the unit.

Just got a letter in this morning.... the Landlord's Agent wants a house inspection in a months time. :evil:
I think the GB1 will be an issue..... my current plan is to have the other 3 down and drying in boxes well in time, and just move the GB1 into the outside garage for the morning. The tent is pretty easy to take down and put up again

Thanks for taking a look at my grow, here's how they look as of this morning....
day 56 group.JPG
clockwise from top left... NQ, GB2, GB1, PE.

The next couple of weeks are gonna see some fat hard frosty buds developing.... More soon!