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Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:47 pm
by teetee
Welcome to my new grow..... I'm on a mission this time.
My Landlord is about to start building a new house next to ours, so we have lost our privacy :cry:

I've also stopped posting on UK420 and AFN for the moment..... this is exclusive to LED Growers Forum.... unless I get a monster (or three) that need shouting out about!
We are definitely gonna move out in the next month or so, and supplies are running low, so I wanna grow some strains that I know can deliver a sizable harvest so we can move halfway through and get a good result.

Right off the bat, I'm gonna do a Daiquiri Lime.... consistently a winner as I managed half a kilo last time I grew her.
Toofless Alien did well last time, and I really love smoking Night Queen (my last seed).

So on 26th June, I put up the tent, and made up three 20L airpots with H&G Coco and soaked them in a EC 0.6 nute mix. I planted the seeds and covered the pots with cling film and some dark card, leaving them under a couple of Skyline 400Ws for warmth.
I didn't have quite enough coco so I ordered some more to top up the pots in a week or two.

The seedlings sprouted on the 28th 29th and 30th.... Toofless Alien first, then Night Queen, then the Daiquiri.

Here they are on day 5/4/3....
Day 5 Group.JPG

Individually, the Alien....
Day 5 TA.JPG

..... the Queen....
Day 4 NQ.JPG

..... and the Daiquiri....
Day 3 DL.JPG

Then the new Coco arrived, so I topped up the pots, and thought I may as well fill another airpot up and plant a new Think Different from the batch of seeds I won from AFN.

I also received a new Skyline 400W unit (thanks Mate!) so I had my 3 seedlings under a Skyline each, while I waited for the TD to sprout. She eventually showed her head on the 10th June, 12 days after the Alien.... so a bit of nute juggling will be going on these next few months!

Here they are now.....
day 17 TA.JPG
Toofless Alien day 17
she really is flying away!

day 16 NQ.JPG
Night Queen day 16
looking really good and healthy.

day 15 DL.JPG
Daiquiri Lime day 15
she started sluggishly and has now picked up. She did this before, so no worries ;)

They older ones are on an EC 0.8 nute mix and the TD is on EC 0.7.

day 4 TD.JPG
Think Different day 4
early days yet!

I have now put a Photon 126 over the TD. She should take off!

Hope you enjoy following this grow, more in a week!

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:48 pm
by ledbud
looking amazing already bro. nice.
i hoping start my new grow next month.
happy growing karma teetee.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:54 am
by teetee
Cheers Ledbud mate, good luck with your new grow too. What you planning on planting?
I have some new DP beans on their way over, so can't wait to see what I am gonna run next!!!

My babies are doing well.... here they are as a group....
day 24 group.JPG
Clockwise from top left: Daiquiri Lime, Night Queen, Toofless Alien and Think Different
The 3 bigger ones have quite large fan leaves that are preventing the new side shoots underneath from getting any light, so I decided to remove them.... not too many, just enough to open them up a bit.....

The Toofless Alien is day 24, here she is before.....
day 24 TA1.JPG

and after.....
day 24 TA2.JPG

The Night Queen is day 23, before trimming.....
day 23 NQ1.JPG

and after....
day 23 NQ2.JPG

The Daiquiri Lime is day 22.......
day 22 DL1.JPG

and after a trim......
day 22 DL2.JPG

They are all on an EC 0.8 mix, and I will keep it at that level for another week, maybe increasing the nitrogen (but reducing A&B to keep the EC at 0.8) in 3 days

Think Different is day 11 so a long way to go yet but she's looking healthy.....
day 11 TD.JPG

She's on an EC 0.7 mix. Think Different is a low feeder, so I will hold back on the nutes for a bit.

The Landlord's been hard at it, bulldozers, dump trucks and diggers crashing about everywhere, so we have found another place to rent.... well out in the countryside, no neighbours, and the new Landlord is 800Kms away. A proper rental agency means regular 3 month inspections, so the plan is to move in, continue the grow and finish before the 3 months is up. The plants are a good size to transport as each one will fit in a standard packing box, and should survive the 20Km drive to their new home.

Hopefully we will get the go ahead next week, so fingers crossed!!

Thanks for dropping in, more next week!

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:14 pm
by ledbud
glad you found nice place bro. your plants looking so green and lush.
still building grow room. taking longer then i want but i been busy with work.
hope start growing by end off next months.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:02 pm
by belfiore
Good luck teetee man. :-P

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:39 am
by teetee
Thanks Belfiore for your good wishes.

I received some more good wishes the other day.... some seeds from Dutch Passion Tony for getting that last Daiquiri Lime grow up on the Dutch Passion blog! I thank Shiva and everyone else concerned in getting them sent over to me ;)

What a selection of beans.....

7x Auto Glueberry OG :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: - this is a XXL cross of Gorrila Glue x OG with the original Auto Blueberry.... and it will grow monster XXL plants - more 500+g yields expected!
7x Cinderella Jack Auto :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: - a collaboration with Dutch Passion and Buddha seeds to cross Cinderella 99 with Jack Herer - XL and very high 20+% THC levels
3x Night Queen Auto :cool: :cool: :cool: (currently my favourite strain as it's so eye blurringly strong and has a lovely sweet strawberry taste)

but best of all...... 5x DesFran seeds!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: - an absolutely mentally strong photoperiod strain that's won masses of awards.

All in that lovely new Dutch Passion packaging with the little metal cases!

Lets say XXL for the Glueberry and Desfrans is 15+ ounces, and XL for the Cinderella Jack and Night Queen is 7 ounces.....
that's potentially 250 ounces of high grade bud!!!

Really, thank you to everyone that made that possible, even the little old lady in the Post Office.

I now have 3 Skylines running, one over each of the oldest 3 plants.... the Toofless Alien at 34 days, the Night Queen on 33 and the Daiquiri Lime on 32 days. The Think Different is under one of my Photon 126s. This is the good panel, working 100%.... the other Photon has blown a few LEDs, some of which were replaced..... it has 3 out of 6 LED clusters working, so I have it as a spare. I also have a Photon 6 and 2 Photon 2s in reserve as well.

Here they are on day 32,
day 32 group.JPG
clockwise from left: Daiquiri Lime, Night Queen, Toofless Alien, and Think Different.

The spares may be coming in useful soon..... the Lime is getting BIG!!! Full of side shoots and branches, she's gonna be wide and tall!
day 31 DL1.JPG

Currently on an EC 1.1 feed and on day 31, her fan leaves are getting in the way of the numerous shoots deeper in the foliage.......
day 31 DL2.JPG

So I gave her another light trim.......
day 31 DL3.JPG

The Toofless Alien is well into flowering, happy on an EC 1.0 feed, and is in stretch right now, so those buds are shooting up! I have also removed a few of the larger fan leaves to get more light on those new buds while she's still vegging and stretching.
This is her on day 33.....
day 33 TA2.JPG

I am amazed how quick this one flowers.... the last one was early as well.... I noticed signs of flowering at day 20! Here's a closer look at her main cola tip.....
day 33 TA3.JPG

Night Queen was going funny colours late last week, her leaf edges were going light green, so I upped her feed to EC 1.1, same as the Lime, and she soon started to darken slightly. This is her yesterday on day 32.....
day 32 NQ.JPG
Today those light edges have gone, and she's drinking much more.

Lastly the Think Different, slightly smaller than the others because she's only 21 days old, but for 3 weeks, she's also looking to be a big one, so let's see, eh? I'm keeping her feed low, currently EC 0.9.
day 20 TD.JPG

3 different EC's means 3 different buckets..... so I have to be careful about which plants I feed from what bucket..... :roll:

We move house on Friday.... the Landlord's gone for a bit, so hopefully we can get them out of here on Friday without him spotting that he's had prime Dutch bud growing in his gaff for the last 3 years!

Moving will be easy, I've hired a 2 tonner, so on Friday, I'll move the plants and the tent, along with most of our shit, and do the rest on Saturday. The new place is only 20 mins away, so the plants will be fine. The snake situation will be worse there I expect, we saw one in the roof when we inspected it and it is still officially winter.

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:03 pm
by ledbud
looks amazing and loads good info teetee.
WOW 3 x skyline, NICE
i love DP new tin, and seeds dont get damaged in shipping.
you going get some big fat buds bro.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:05 pm
by teetee
Thanks Ledbud! Hope you dont tell me off about how my floor needs a clean!

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:27 pm
by ledbud
no bro you tent is clean and nice.
you want see my grow room some months its so dirty but i always try keep clean when i got time.
its not always easy to find time with work, wife and kids
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:54 pm
by teetee
Ledbud mate, you aren't wrong there.... juggling work, family and hiding a grow is full time work!

Just to add to the stress levels, we moved house over the weekend..... the landlord hasn't come back, so I hired a truck and took 4 loads over to our new gaff, 20 miles away up in the hills.

Everything was put in those packing boxes, the Night Queen and Think Different just squeezed into a box each, and the other two I had to cut the boxes in half to support the pots. Everything fitted into the truck like building blocks, and I placed the mesh roof from the tent over the plants in case anything fell over on top of them.

Apart from Mrs Tee dropping the fridge on me while going up some stone steps (and again with the washing machine :roll: ) it all went like clockwork. The tent was put up that night and they were settled in before sunset. I must admit it was nice driving around the countryside with 4 plants in the back without a care in the world..... something I would NEVER have done on the mean streets of South London!

Here they are on day 42
day 42 group1.JPG

clockwise from the left: the huge Daiquiri Lime, Night Queen just popping up there in the middle, Toofless Alien and Think Different glowing purple under the Photon LED panel.

The Lime is massive 70cm high and 85cm wide, on day 40 and on an EC 1.1 feed similar to the last few weeks recipe....
day 40 DL1.JPG

She is spending a little longer then the others in veg..... she is choc full of shoots and branches but hasn't started stretch yet, and is just starting to flower.....
day 40 DL2.JPG

The Toofless Alien is the most advanced, having stretched nicely, looking like a christmas tree......
day 42 TA1.JPG

She is another big girl 75cm high and 70cm wide (but won't be as big as the Lime) and is full of nice flowers. I have her on a separate EC1.1 feed with added Bud Ignitor. In a few days time, I will stop Nitrogen and Amino Treatment (silica) and start with the Bud XL and Bud Candy, and start building some fat buds.....
day 42 TA2.JPG

Night Queen is day 41, and has is going through the stretch..... she's on the same EC 1.1 feed as the Lime, and is 56cm high. As she's in early flower, I will put her on Bud Ignitor in a few days time......
day 41 NQ.JPG

Finally Think Different.... she is much younger at only 29 days old, and is growing well. She is on an EC 0.9 feed and at 65cm tall, she's still stretching and has just started to flower, so I expect her to really bulk out this next couple of weeks.....
day 29 TD.JPG

I have the lights on 24 hours with no dark periods..... looking to get a big haul!

I plan to add more lighting this week as well...... I want to put two LEDs over the Lime, and repair the Photon over the TD.... it only has 5 out of 6 clusters working, so as I have 3 spares in the other Photon unit, that will come in handy. The Night Queen might lose her Skyline to the Lime and instead will have the trusty Helios 6 over her for the rest of the grow, or, as you know I smoke too much and I'm always taking the easy option, I may just hang the Helios 6 over the Lime and be done with it. I might also give the Alien one of the Helios 2 panels...... looking to get a big haul!

So far, so good! More next week!