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Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:37 pm
by ledbud
girls looking good after move bro. sometimes they get damaged or mangled.
you done good packing them.
you going have BIG HAUL for sure.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:16 pm
by belfiore
teetee man you plants look so good. wish my plants get big and fat buds.
keep good you good grow coming.

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:46 am
by teetee
belfiore wrote:teetee man you plants look so good. wish my plants get big and fat buds.
keep good you good grow coming.

Cheers Belfiore, I think both our wishes will come true!

ledbud wrote:girls looking good after move bro. sometimes they get damaged or mangled.
you done good packing them.
you going have BIG HAUL for sure.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

It was a last minute thing, a few days later and they would have been too big to travel without damage, look how the tent has filled up!!! Here they are as a group.
day 50 group.JPG

clockwise from front left: Toofless Alien, Think Different, Daiquiri Lime and Night Queen

Toofless Alien is the most advanced on day 50, with some great looking colas forming....
day 50 TA1.JPG

She's 90cm tall, on an EC 1.1 feed and will be ready for PK 13/14 very soon.
day 50 TA3.JPG

Here's her main cola, with a nice nice bit of frosting....
day 50 TA2.JPG

Night Queen is the next most advanced at day 49, again building some lovely colas.....
day 49 NQ1.JPG

She's 73cm tall and is on an EC 1.1 feed. I've been giving her some Bud Ignitor to really get those flowers going.
day 49 NQ3.JPG

This is her main cola.....
day 49 NQ2.JPG

The big ones are at the back..... Daiquiri Lime, next, 48 days old, and still stretching, 97cm and counting! She's on the same feed as the Night Queen.
day 48 DL1.JPG

Her colas are only showing early flowers, but man, there's shitloads of bud on the way! Here's her main stem tip.....
day 48 DL2.JPG

Finally Think Different, a whopping 97cm tall, no where near as bushy as the rest, but as she's only 37 days old, she is promising a nice big sativa harvest! I'm keeping her on an EC 1.0 feed.
day 37 TD1.JPG

She's 11 days younger than the Lime, but has more developed flowers!
day 37 TD2.JPG

It's been a warm week with temps up in the 30s :o .... and it's still officially Winter! :shock:

Have a good week, thanks for looking in!

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:46 am
by ledbud
looks like jungle in your tent bro.
hope there no snakes in your new place. lol
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:37 pm
by teetee
ledbud wrote:looks like jungle in your tent bro.

the jungle's on fire at the moment, been so for a week now.....


Recent high winds and unusually high temps for winter, combined with the fact it hasn't rained in months means there's over a thousand bushfires blazing away in this state. This one is not out of control, a helicopter has been chucking big buckets of water on and around it, the volunteer firemen are on the case, and it is 'contained'.

It looks amazing at night..... we are in the hills, so there is no light at all at night, pitch black - just the stars..... but now there's a red glow that looks like lava flowing from a volcano......


It's day 57, and in terms of width and depth, the tent is full, and it ain't far off heightwise either.

day 57 group.JPG

At the front we have the Toofless Alien on the left which is 70cm x 70cm wide and 90cm tall..... taking up exactly a quarter of the tent, and the Night Queen on the right which is 70cm wide x 50cm deep and a little shorter at 72cm high.
At the back, the big bushy Daiquiri Lime on the right is 85cm wide and 90cm deep and 101cm high, while the Think Different on the left is the tallest at 105cm but is is has less width at 55cm giving the Lime a bit more room.

I would really like to stake out the Lime, but I can't because there's no space :roll: .

Let's start with the Mephisto Toofless Alien.... my second go at her, and once again, a monster plant....

day 57 TA1.JPG

She is officially day 57 and has plenty of sweet smelling colas forming.....

day 57 TA2.JPG

Here's her main cola.....

day 57 TA3.JPG

My last Alien went to 89 days, so this one has at least another 30 days left to fatten up!

I am giving both the Alien and the Queen an EC1.0 feed with 0.5ml/L Top Shooter, a PK 20/9 late flowering booster used for the last 3 weeks in increasing amounts. The rest of the feed is made up of the usual A&B, Cal Mag, Roots Excellurator, Multizyme, Bud XL and Bud Candy.

Night Queen is also well into flowering....

day 56 NQ1.JPG

....and at day 56 has another 4 weeks left in her. Once again she has that lovely Nesquik strawberry milkshake powder smell!!!

day 56 NQ2.JPG

The Daiquiri Lime is the least developed in terms of flowering, but is HUGE. It's hard to get a photo that really does her justice.... you need to move around her to get a feel of how much there is of her..... a video would be better.

This is the best I can do, a view from the front door.....

day 55 DL1.JPG

..... and a side door view.....

day 55 DL2.JPG

She obviously will go longer (a previous beast of mine went to 97 days), so has spent more time in veg mode, and is now getting on with flowering. I am giving her an EC 1.0 feed with PK 13/14 Top Booster at 1ml/L and all the other stuff except Roots Excellurator - for some reason, you don't give it while giving PK 13/14. :ugeek:
Not being able to stake her out right now is gonna affect her yield, but I will get a chance to let her stretch out once the Night Queen and the Alien come down. I have chopped away all her feeble lower stuff, but may have to thin her out up top to let the light through. I have been resisting so far, just removing any yellowing leaves as they appear.

Finally the Think Different, almost 2 weeks younger than the others, but really getting into flowering. I also have her on PK13/14 but at a slightly lower EC 0.9.
Again, it's hard to get a decent picture of her as a whole, 'cos she's so tall!

day 44 TD1.JPG

She really stretched, but has time to fill those long stems with thick sticky colas! Previous TD's have gone to 85, 92 and 100 days, and this one's only 44 days old.... she's not even halfway there!!!

day 44 TD2.JPG

I'm pleased I am keeping the EC lower, she's looking very healthy!

Thanks for checking things out down here, good growing karma to you all!

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:06 pm
by ledbud
all looking good bro. TD will fill out nicely.
hope fire stays away from your house.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:07 am
by teetee
Day 74 update

Welcome back!!! Things are heating up here, and the bush fire is STILL raging. Occasionally a helicopter spends a few hours chucking big buckets of water on it. This is about 10 minutes up the road...... if you look carefully, the yellow (square) bucket is about 45 degrees behind and below the chopper.......

From our gaff, you can see the helicopter go back and forth, lowering itself into the thick smoke..... the bucket is visible below the chopper, just above the treeline..... he's going in!

Meanwhile, the other morning, I was taking a dump and saw this MASSIVE rat outside on the driveway.....

Last time I saw one that size it was outside a kebab shop on the Seven Sisters Road.
Him and his mates are the reason an outside grow needs some careful planning.

Indoors, we are in the late stages of flowering.......
day 74 group.JPG
Clockwise from the top left..... Think Different, Daiquiri Lime, Night Queen and Toofless Alien.

The tent is just choc full of bud!!!

Toofless Alien is the best looking of my girls at 74 days, she is officially in the last few days, but I think she has another week or two left in her..... there's plenty of white pistils and the Top Shooter is making her push out still more buds. She is very frosty!
day 74 TA 1.JPG

Her main cola is just beautiful to look at, and it's only gonna get fatter!
day 74 TA 2.JPG

Night Queen is also very close to finishing, she's 73 days old, and although she's just a little shorter than the rest, she's got width and depth, and is packed full of bud. The outer leaves are browning off and the buds are swelling up and she smells so sweet!
day 73 NQ 1.JPG

This is her main cola........
day 73 NQ 2.JPG

Think Different will probably finish very soon as well, but she's only on day 61..... maybe 2-3 weeks? She got a bit leggy, and had quite large internodal spacing, but is filling out well....... I had to put a stake in as she was beginning to lean over from the base of her main stem. It looks like there's gonna be a nice amount of this very special smoke to be had!...
day 61 TD 1.JPG

Here's a close up......
day 61 TD 2.JPG

Finally the Daiquiri Lime, on day 72..... she looks a bit shaggy and odd, but under those leaves are some really thick, sticky long buds, that are gonna get really chunky!
day 72 DL 1.JPG

I have been feeding them all the same mix...... an EC 1.0 soup of all the usual nutes and additives with the usual high (0.75ml) Top Shooter dose that I give in late flowering. The Lime has a good few weeks left in her..... her main stem is one of many nice fat colas.........
day 72 DL 2.JPG

Although I am happy with how the Lime is doing, she could look healthier...... she goes through about 7L a day and I think those leaves show a deficiency..... what one, I don't know....... droopy, pale green leaves with a bit of spotting..... maybe upping A&B to increase the EC will give her what she craves? She's getting a good amount of Cal-Mag, and the P and K is being delivered in bucket loads via the Top Shooter. As I say, previous Limes also looked like this so perhaps that's her thing, or maybe I have been consistently underfeeding her? She's a big girl and goes a bit longer, so probably needs a higher EC because of that.

Ledbud mate, any ideas?

Thanks for stopping by...... I expect there will be some harvesting at the next update!

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:35 am
by ledbud
man that fire looks bad, all that smoke cant be good for your family.
try just water only for few days and add Superthrive. Superthrive works wonders for my girls.
all your girls looking yummy and getting fat.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:29 pm
by teetee
Hey Ledbud, the fire's under control now, finally, it was on a steep inaccessible slope, and now it has come down to a more shallow area, they can blitz it..... it's still about 350 hectares in size.
Looking at the NSW Rural Fire Service website, there's shedloads (98) of fires on the go at the mo.

Anyway, I've been busy cropping. I started with the Night Queen on 14th Sept (day 78), taking 2 nights to get her manicured.

NQ crop.JPG

She was covered in trichomes, and her buds look very sparkly.....


Then I got on with Think Different, she was a leggy girl but I think I rushed her. She was planted 11 days after the rest but started flowering very early..... may be it was some hormones that the other, older plants were giving off that set her off so soon?

We have run out of smoke, so from 11th Sept, we have been taking stems off Think Different to dry and smoke - very heavy stuff, even after 3 days of quick drying! I took 3 stems off in total, so that will affect the yield.

Anyway, I waited till 16th Sept (day 68) to get the rest of her down, and again, some lovely sticky bud is now brown bagged and drying properly.

That just left me with the Toofless Alien (in front on day 85) and the Daiquiri Lime (at the back on day 83)....

day 85 group.JPG

The Toofless Alien has been the star of this grow so far.....


she has been green and healthy throughout, and has filled out with some beautiful blooms.......



So on day 85, I got on with the Toofless Alien..... she was absolutely dripping with sticky trichomes, the sweetleaf collected from her is gonna make super strong canna coconut oil!

She gave me a huge amount of bud.....

TA crop.JPG


I have the bigger stems hanging in perforated cardboard boxes, and the trimmed nugs hanging in brown paper bags.

That leaves the Daiquiri Lime on her lonesome. Here she is on day 85 (she was 2 days younger than the Toofless Alien).....

day 85 DL1.JPG

She looks a bit messy, I just haven't given her the love she demanded throughout the grow. She just got too large to handle, and you can see how she pretty much fills the 1.4m x 1.4m tent..... I think it could be possible to grow just one Daiquiri Lime and fill the tent and get a 20 ounce plus harvest!!! But you'd have to spend all your time preening and staking her out.

Even though I just let her get on with it, she is going to give me a big haul...... she has masses of long thick colas......

day 85 DL3.JPG

day 85 DL4.JPG

day 85 DL5.JPG
Donkey Dick anyone???? :lol:

I have spent ages since this pic was taken, removing all the crispy brown leaves and any yellow ones that come off with a gentle tug..... she looks a bit better now, and I think she will be ready to pull down any day now!

Re: Looking for a big haul

PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:34 pm
by teetee
day 87

I gave the Lime a bit of a tidy up..... she scrubbed up well!!!

Here she is from the front door.....

day 87 DL1.JPG

.... and from the side door......

day 87 DL2.JPG

.... and a bit closer......

day 87 DL3.JPG