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Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:32 pm
by teetee
Its day 69 for my grow, all is progressing well.

Pineapple Express is looking lovely now on day 64. She is supposed to go for 65 days, so I will be keeping a close eye on those trichomes in readiness to flush her. I think there's still a couple of weeks or so left in her...
day 64 PE 3.JPG

....she hit a bit of a rough patch in late veg, but has bounced back, filling out with lovely chunky towers of bud covered in juicy trichs.....
day 64 PE 2.JPG

I was giving her an EC 0.7 feed with PK 13/14 last week, and have now switched her to an EC 0.8 mix containing 0.5ml/L Top Shooter as well as the usual additives of Drip Clean (0.1ml/L), Roots Excellurator (0.3ml/L), Bud XL (1ml/L), Bud Candy (1ml/L), Algen Extract (Kelp) (0.5ml/L) and Multizyme (1ml/L) .... Top Shooter is the House and Garden late bloom booster.... a bit like Overdrive, with an NPK of 0-20-9
Here's her main cola....
day 64 PE 1.JPG

Night Queen (day 55) is also picking up, she was very poorly for a while, but what's left of her is filling out with bud....
day 55 NQ.JPG

She is a 75 day finisher, my previous Night Queens have gone for 84 and 90 days.

The Night Queen is on the same feed as the Cream Mandarine.... an EC 0.7 mix containing 1ml/L of Top Booster (PK13/14) and the usual additives except Roots Excellurator.

The PK seems to have spurred the Cream Mandarine back into action, as her tops are finally beginning to extend out like ganja encrusted telescopes....
day 69 CM 2.JPG

.... compare that to 9 days ago on the same main cola....
day 60 CM 3.JPG
day 60 CM 3.JPG (96.64 KiB) Viewed 34044 times

.... and the rest of her also seems to be progressing well..... shes a big bushy girl so I'm hoping that she has some nice thick buds on the way. The foundations are there.....
day 69 CM 1.JPG

I'll have to keep a close eye on her trichs to determine when to harvest, as the Mandarine is supposed to be a 65 day finisher, and at day 69, I think she will go another 3 weeks, maybe more.

Meanwhile the Toofless Alien, also 69 days old, is quietly packing on the bud. She is on a similar feed to the Pineapple, just at EC 0.9 with slightly more Top Shooter (1ml/L).
day 69 TA 1.JPG

There's probably another week or 2 left in her before flushing as well - she's supposed to go for 65 to 75 days but shes still pushing out heaps of white pistils.....
day 69 TA 2.JPG

That's enough for now. Hope you're all enjoying the 4 day break... before the Wife and Kids - back in the day - Easter was a 4 day drug fuelled frenzy, now I'm organising Easter Egg hunts.

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:20 pm
by ledbud
WOW they getting fat bro. yummy.
you going be trimming for days.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
M said he waiting for you to reply his email about photons.

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:34 am
by teetee
It's the weekend again, so time for another update. This is from last weekend though, day 76 and I'm playing the waiting game.....

Here's my tent full of bud......
day 76 group 1.JPG
clockwise from top left.... Cream Mandarine XL, Night Queen, Toofless Alien and Pineapple Express

Starting with the Alien, she's on an EC 1.0 nute mix, same as last week.
day 76 TA 1.JPG

She's hard to fit into one picture!

Here's the main Cola...
day 76 TA 3.JPG

and a bit closer....
day 76 TA 2.JPG

As you can see, mainly milkies, so not far to go. I just wanna see a few more orange pistils before I think about chopping her.

Pineapple Express (day 71) next....
day 71 PE 1.JPG

She's on an EC 0.8 mix as last week.... seems to be the sweet spot with her. This is the main Cola....
day 71 PE 2.JPG

She is really pushing out the trichomes.....
day 71 PE 3.JPG

I'm looking forward to making some Canna-Coconut oil with those leaves!

Cream Mandarine is the least advanced (even though she's the oldest at day 76), having only recently started building her colas.
day 76 CM 1.JPG

But she's progressing well, and is on the same EC 0.8 feed as the Pineapple. Here's the main Cola tip...
day 76 CM 2.JPG

Night Queen is also doing well, small but plenty of bud....
day 62 NQ 1.JPG

Again she's having the same as the Mandarine and Pineapple. Her main cola is looking good...
day 62 NQ 2.JPG

and loads of sticky trichome action....
day 62 NQ 3.JPG

I don't want to lose any of this precious bud to mould. In my last few grows, I have noticed mould appearing at around day 5-6 of flush (losing a half once or so), so I wonder if all that water I give may be the cause..... that's why I have bought some AN Flawless finish.... I want to do a good but quick flush without raising the humidity too high so that the dreaded white fluff doesn't fuck things up. .

Yesterday, I started flushing the Alien (day 83), Pineapple (day 78) and the Night Queen (day 69). I wanna get it done as quickly as possible.

Normally I just water my 20L airpots with 20L plain EC 0 rainwater (and a dose of Flawless Finish) getting plenty of run off. I use an aquavac to remove the runoff. I did this 1-2 x a day for upto a week.

This time I am going full on..... I flush, then leave for an hour or so, and run another 10L through, again removing the runoff. Repeating as often as possible until I get the run off at EC 0. Im on the 2nd day and the Pineapple and Night Queen are already EC 0, and the Alien is at EC 0.2.... so I will start chopping the Pineapple and Night Queen tomorrow night after a little dry out tonight, and by the time Ive done them, the Alien will be ready to harvest as well.

My reasoning here is that the first 20L washes out the Coco completely. During the hourly waits, the plant will release its excess nutrients into the clean water in the Coco by osmosis, which I then wash out with the next 10L. Doing this every hour will force the excess nute out of the plant, rather than doing it slowly and letting the plant suck up old nute again.

I try and give another flush at least 6 - 7 times a day on the first 2-3 days, keeping the Coco wet for maximum osmotic transfer.
From the 2nd day onwards my enthusiasm usually wanes, and I just water to run off 1-2 times a day for 5-6 days, but as I say, I've had to crop earlier (like after 4-5 days of flush) because I have spotted mould. Ideally I would like to flush for 3-4 days and let them dry out for 1-2 days more before cropping.

I have quite a few circulation fans going, but I think that in the past, all that water I was using was making the RH too high..... did I need to flush that much?

After the Cyclone, my rainwater tank is full so I don't have to worry about conservation or meters etc.

Enjoy the weekend peeps, more next week!

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 7:27 pm
by ledbud
looking amazing teetee bro, i might have come over to help you take them down.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2017 10:58 pm
by teetee
Cheers Ledbud, beaten you to it cos this last week I've been in crop mode....

I roll up a few fat ones, make sure there's a fresh chilled can of Jim Beam and Dry..... lay down a sheet to catch the sweetleaf then get the headlight LED torch on, plus my specs, and finally some decent sounds via my phone and some earplugs. I cropped till I dropped, often up till 3-4am.

I got to work last Tuesday night, Pineapple Express chopped at day 81 after a 4 day flush.... I was getting EC 0 run off after 2 days, and I'm glad I got her down then as she had a little bit of mould in her main cola, losing maybe a quarter ounce max. The rest of her was solid with a heavy coating of juicy trichomes. Here's a shot of a stem that's been hanging for a week.....

On Wednesday, I took down the Night Queen (day 73) having had 5 days of flushing. She gave me a decent amount of nice solid bud, again looking very juicy.
Here's a stem after 6 days hanging showing plenty of glitter....


All sweetleaf was bagged and fresh frozen, ready to make Canna coconut oil sometime in the next few weeks.... I'm really looking forward to that, as I made sure the trim was high quality with no crispy old fans etc spoiling the show.

I hang the longer stems in perforated cardboard boxes, and brown paper bag the rest. Here's the PE (7 days dried) and NQ (6 days dried) in one box today.....

.... and here's some bags hanging.....

The Toofless Alien was next. I started harvesting her on Thursday and finished on Saturday watching the Hammers screw up Spurs season.

She was a big leafy old girl, and was full of long thick sticky colas. Here's one that's been hanging 3 days.....

I have her stems hanging in numerous boxes.....


The shorter one front right, had a touch of mould in it, so I hacked off the main cola head. She was as long as, and maybe thicker than that one at the front left :(

There's 3 more Toofless Alien stems in this box as well, otherwise crammed with Cream Mandarine buds.....

I started taking down Cream Mandarine on Sunday having given her a 5 day flush. I also had the opportunity to switch off the lights for a day before cropping so I could get her to squeeze a few more trichs out. She was surprisingly big and had masses of sticky solid bud on her. Here's a shot of some 2 day dried Cream Mandarine.....


I wish I could tell you how amazing everything smells..... but I can't.

I gave up smoking (cigarettes) 6 weeks tomorrow! Been doing really well, no cravings, I just keep reminding myself how much I hate the things. The problem is that I caught a nasty type of flu a week into it, and I'm still suffering to some degree. I have a load of shit in one ear, and despite everything I have tried, I am deaf in one ear, and half gone in the other. Currently I'm on antibiotics, steroid pills, decongestant tabs, and sprays, high doses of Vit C and B complex, and Immune Defence pills.... only now I'm as dry as a Nun's knickers and still bloody deaf.

I actually felt healthier when I was on the cancer sticks.

I'm on the mend, and actually feeling a bit better, and can't wait to get into this lot. I have had a few whiffs every now and then, and every time Mrs Tee comes in she goes "fuck sake...." or "fuckin' hell man....." so I think I have done well. This looks like the highest quality all round grow I've done!

The plan is to box dry them for around 7 days until the small stems holding the buds snap cleanly, then I will chop off the buds and jar them in Kilners for a month with Boveda 62's to cure. I am strict with this, so no little tasters to see..... I will do a weigh off after a couple of weeks jarring.

Thanks for looking in, good growing karma to you all!

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 1:25 pm
by belfiore
yummie teetee man.
:-P :grin::::: :grin::::

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 1:11 pm
by ledbud
that loads lovely looking buds, your house must stink off weed teetee bro.
yummy yummy, i just love smell of weed man.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:01 am
by teetee
At the moment, it is blissfully silent in here, no fans no lights, no grow, but there is a smell.... the smell of fine cannabis buds!!!

Mrs Tee wants to move out cos she can't handle the Landlord living in the house next door for a week or two every 6 months :roll: ...... I dunno where we are gonna find such a nice Landlord TBH, he gives us no shit compared to some I hear about.... 3 monthly inspections etc.... we don't get none of that.

It's just a bit pricey and damn cold in the Winter - which is now.... beautiful cloudless days maxing at 22C during the day, but dipping down to a shockingly cold 10-12C at night :lol: ..... fffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk it's cold in the mornings, and having the door open while smoking at night is like sitting in the freezer. Now that may seem like a lovely day to youse lot back in Blighty, but I came here to get away from all that, and I refuse to wear anything long sleeved or past my knees..... that's all in a sealed box marked UK clothes..... and I ain't opening that over here.

I've ordered a new carpet to replace the trashed one covered in nute stains and various burns from discarded doobies and the odd dropped incense stick.
I have a man on the case, re-covering the sofa cushions after heaps of burn holes and 3 years of ash and hashy fingers ground into them.

Pretty soon, you'd never believe this has been a 'sophisticated' cannabis factory for the past 3 years. :lol:

All I have to do now is find somewhere else to live before we run out of bud....

That may not be too far away, here are the final weights at RH 62% jarred with Bovedas for a month to cure......

Cream Mandarine XL 4.15Oz (117.65g)
Toofless Alien 7.23Oz (204.97g)
Pineapple Express 2.87Oz (81.3g)
Night Queen 2.55Oz (72.29g)

TOTAL 16.80Oz (476.27g)

Maybe not as heavy a harvest as I'd like, as I like to hit the 20 ounce mark...... I should have planted a Dutch Passion XXL like Daiquiri Lime!

The final weight is further lowered by the fact that I sacrificed a lot more of the smaller stuff into the trim to make cannabis infused coconut oil later on.
I now have enough high quality trim to make 5-6 Litres of canna coco oil. I am especially looking forward to the Night Queen oil, being Dutch Passions most potent 100% Indica, it should knock me out! Pineapple Express oil should be good as well, as it was SO damn frosty!

This looks like being the best all round quality grow I have done, for all 4 strains, the buds are all thickly coated with trichomes, and as I have been told a few times, it's all about the quality not quantity.

They have all been curing for a month, so I have started smoking them..... WOW. The Pineapple is so pineappley, the Cream Mandarine really tastes like Mandarines, and the Toothless Alien initially has a diesel sour flavour that leaves you tasting candy floss! Night Queen is once again a smoke for the end of the day, when you don't have to do anything else.... it's so strong!

I have also made some Canna Coconut oil, one litre of Pineapple, and a Litre of Cream Mandarine..... both are very potent, a spoon in my chai works best, The Mandarine oil is very uplifting, like having a good few drinks, without the nausea and vomiting..... half an hour after a special chai, my eyes are bloodshot and I'm singing, dancing, and cracking dirty jokes. Today that was at 8.30am on a Sunday!

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:27 pm
by ledbud
nice bro, you get loads more with Dutch passion's XXl seeds.
i also like pinapple, the tast and good smoke. its always about quality bro.
its to hot to grow in europ now. outside temp is 34c so even with led its hard work.
i going start with my friend August i think. we just setting things.
you got do blog on Canna Coconut oil, i want learn how to make it.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: