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Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:24 am
by ledbud
Looks like you going have another jungle in your tent bro.
Are they wild chickens, they look lovely.
Keep them save from snakes
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:00 pm
by teetee
Cheers man, the Alien and Mandarine are starting stretch, so I'm hoping they'll have masses of bud sites.
Pineapple Express is beginning to spread out, and even the Night Queen has started to flower and she's only 23 days old... she's also taller than the Mandarine now.

Looks like I'm gonna have to rearrange them as it's gonna get crowded in there real soon!

Although there's plenty of wild chickens and turkeys running around in the bush, these are pure white, well looked after with lovely feathers. They leg it if we get close, but they know we offer safety and food, so they are happy here. They are safe from bigger beasts but the snakes can have them regardless of what we do. They must have escaped from a neighbour, but there aren't many people living round here in the sticks.... we did ask around! Problem is there's shit loads of chicken shit all over the place now.

Its such a change from London, just this week, we've seen snakes, wallabies, chooks, eagles, bearded dragons, some big spiders and heaps of bats.... all in our garden..... plus something that died in our roof that STANK our place out for about 5 days.... made me wanna puke from the moment I woke every day to the point of falling asleep at night. I had to go round sniffing out the source, under the house, behind appliances, under drawers.... everywhere, but couldn't find it. So it had to be in the ceiling..... I actually had to lie down during the sniff around cos I started feeling dizzy and wanted to pass out. :lol:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:25 am
by ledbud
I will get gun and shoot those brown snakes bro.
Spider are another big hate off mine but it's still better then London
You get clean air and loads wildlife.
When you coming this way. Have hook up for smoke
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:08 am
by teetee
Cheers man, but I don't pIan on coming back full stop! I have just opened a jar of new Night Queen - harvested 4th Feb - its lovely spicy sweet taste disguises how damn strong it is. I'm so glad I decided to grow another one.

Its day 41 of Multi Strain Madness, and they are filling out the tent nicely now.......
day 41 Group.JPG
clockwise from top left: Cream Mandarine, Toofless Alien, Pineapple Express and Night Queen

Although its day 41, only the Cream Mandarine and Toofless Alien are actually 41 days old, the Pineapple Express is on day 36 and the Night Queen is only on day 27.......
the CM, PE and NQ are all pretty much exactly the same size.... 40cm high and 55cm wide. The TA is on steroids or something, cos she's 53cm high and 75cm wide.

The Alien is looking great, choc full of flowering sites.....

day 41 TA 3.JPG

She's well into flowering now, so I have her on a EC 1.0 mix, keeping everything the same as last week, except I have reduced nitrogen from 0.5ml/L to 0.35ml/L and added Bud Ignitor at 1ml/L. The Bud Ignitor from Advanced Nutrients has an NPK of 0-1-2. She drinks a good 6-7L a day.

I also gave her a good tidy up downstairs and adjusted her stakes to open her up a bit more now that she's stretching up a bit. She went from 43cm high to 53cm in a week! I now have 2 Skyline 400W lights and a Helios 2 over her to really get her going.

Here she is from the side, you can see how big shes gonna get!.....

day 41 TA 1.JPG

In the words of the late great David Bowie..... I'm loving the Alien (though I preferred his earlier stuff)

Anyway, moving on to the others.....

Cream Mandarine popped the dame day as the Alien, but had a slower start. Shes sprung into action again now though, and has grown from 31 to 40cm this week. Her side stems are beginning the stretch and her flowers are beginning to develop......

day 41 CM.JPG

Again, she's had a good tidy up of her lower quarters, and I've removed a couple of big fan leaves, but I have kept her on the same EC 1.0 feed regime as last week. I will drop her Nitrogen and start adding Bud Ignitor maybe in a week or so..... lets see how she stretches first.

She has the trusty old Helios 6 over her, but shes also getting a bit of light from one of TA's Skylines, I dunno if its my imagination, but that (right) side is growing more than the other side, so I today I will start to rotate her by 90 degrees on a daily basis to even her up.

Pineapple Express next.... 5 days younger than the first two, perhaps looking a little pale and slight curling in her lower leaves, but still growing, moving up from 36 to 40cm this week.....

day 36 PE.JPG

I mistakenly gave her some of the TA feed the other day, plus I removed quite a few leaves so I think she went into shock, cos she stopped drinking completely. I'd give her a jug full and she'd piss her pants (give run off) immediately. Yesterday I gave her a plain water flush, and this morning I gave her a watered down EC 0.9 mix, l think that should pick her up again.

The Night Queen is looking to catch up with her sisters, she's just 21 days old..... 9 days behind the Pineapple, and 2 weeks behind the Alien and Mandarine, but she's also 40cm high, having shot up from 24cm last week. She's on the same EC 1.0 feed as the Mandarine. The Pineapple and the Night Queen have a Photon 126 unit each.

The Night Queen has started to flower very early, making me wonder, was she triggered by the others?

I looked back to my previous Night Queen grows and the 1st one in particular (which gave me a shade under 10 ounces), also started flowering early.... that's fine by me, cos she'll have longer to finish, hopefully giving me another bumper haul of nice fat heavy hitting buds.

day 27 NQ.JPG

The chooks are doing fine...... there's chicken shit everywhere but not one damn egg. I'm beginning to think they ain't hens, just a couple of cocks.

The bastards/bustards have the bollocks to come right up to our front door (full length glass french doors) and stare at me straight in the eye, while they lay their (huge) turds on our doormat, and all over the deck..... I don't remember that on 'The Good Life', Margo would have gone mental.

..... and one of them's got the squits.... it's like a clucking minefield.

Luckily it's been raining so torrentially hard (we're on high flood alert), it's like the place gets jet-sprayed clean again every day.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend..... good growing karma to all!

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:52 pm
by ledbud
all looking lovely bro. you not coming to uk on holiday.
if not for snake and spiders i will also love to stay in aus. i hate cold and to many people live in city.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:55 pm
by ledbud
how your girls coming bro. not seen you in some time, is every thing ok with you.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:43 am
by teetee
Yeah man, all is good, we had a mental tropical cyclone hit us so lots of chaos.

Here's an update from a couple of weeks ago... before the storm.....

Day 50

The tent is filling out, the Girls have been playing musical chairs again, with the Cream Mandarine and Night Queen swapping places. Now I have the 2 biggest plants (Toofless Alien and Cream Mandarine) diagonal to each other to get the most space, while the smaller Night Queen and Pineapple Express fill in the gaps.
day 50 group 2.JPG
Clockwise from top left: Night Queen, Toofless Alien, Pineapple Express and Cream Mandarine XL.

The Toofless Alien is storming away, moving up from 53cm to 63cm and now 82cm wide....
day 50 TA 1.JPG

She's on an EC 1.0 feed made up of 0.2ml/L Cal Mag in EC 0 rainwater then 0.7ml/L A&B bringing the basic EC up to 0.7, additives are the usual Drip Clean (0.1ml/L) and Roots Excellurator (0.3ml/L), along with Multizyme and Bud XL (both at 1ml/L) and Bud Candy (0.5ml/L). I'm still giving a hint of Nitrogen (0.2ml/L) but Ive stopped Silicone. She gets through 6-8 Litres a day.
The Skyline light is penetrating deep into her thick foliage and it looks like there's gonna be some lovely big buds on her!
day 50 TA 3.JPG

The Cream Mandarine XL is also at day 50, and gaining in size....
day 50 CM 1.JPG

Although she's green and healthy looking - she has grown from 40cm to 46cm, and is 66cm wide - and drinking a good 5-6 Litres a day, she has only just showing signs of flowering.
All her tips are vegging away, but the pistils are only just seen deep within the leafy tops....
day 50 CM 2.JPG

Compare that to the Toofless Alien.....
day 50 TA 2.JPG

.... even the Pineapple Express which is 5 days younger has more flowering going on at the main cola tip.....
day 45 PE 2.JPG

..... and the Night Queen is even younger at day 36 - 2 weeks younger than the Mandarine - and this is her main cola tip in flower....
day 36 NQ 2.JPG

So WHY is the Cream Mandarine so slow to flower????

I was feeding her the same as the Alien last week, but now the Alien has moved onto a full flower nutrient regime the Mandarin needs to stretch and get those flowers growing, so I have kept her on last week's feed still, but slowly move the A&B from 0.3ml/L to 5ml/L then to the same 0.7ml/L as the Alien currently gets. By increasing the Base nutes and reducing the Nitrogen additive (the NPK of the Base nutes is 4-3-9) I will be upping the P and K and not increasing the total N.... maybe that will push her into flowering a bit more.

Now that I have moved her, I'm gonna stake her out a bit to get more air and light into her thick foliage.

The Pineapple Express and Night Queen have been suffering since the last update. About 2 weeks ago, I was stupid/lazy and gave them the same feed as the Alien for a couple of days (instead of getting up of my arse and making the correct feed for them).
The feed had added Bud Ignitor..... I was giving it at the right time for the Alien, and something inside me told me to give some to the Queen and Pineapple - because they had just started flowering. I had made the big mistake of using one feed for all 4 plants and being 2 weeks apart in development, there's no way that would suit each plant's individual needs.

I flushed the Queen and Pineapple, and started them back on a slightly weaker EC 0.9 feed, as described in the last update.

The Pineapple was already looking a bit droopy last update on day 36....
day 36 PE.JPG

But by day 39 she was showing a lot of yellowing of the lower leaves and big fans.....
day 39 PE.JPG

Then by day 43 she was really looking poorly....
day 43 PE 2.JPG

So I have got to work and clipped off all the yellow leaves.... a lot of them just came away easily by hand, and here she is on day 45....
day 45 PE 1.JPG

She's grown about 6cm in the last week, so it looks like she's improving..... but she's still not very happy.... I'm wondering if I should increase the Cal Mag and reduce the EC a touch..... she's on an EC 0.9 mix, but only drinking 3-4L a day.

I'm shocked about the Night Queen, she was doing so well at the start..... but giving her bloom boosters mid way through veg (during week 4) is gonna piss even the hardiest DP Dame off.... so she really went into shock..... I dunno what was worse, the wrong feed or the EC 0 flush? I am giving her exactly the same as the Pineapple Express even though the Pineapple is 9 days older.

Last time you saw her on day 27, she was looking great... she had made great advances in the previous weeks and was showing real signs of promise....
day 27 NQ.JPG

By day 30 she also started showing yellowing in her deeper and lower leaves....
day 30 NQ.JPG

I removed all yellow leaves on day 34......
day 34 NQ 2.JPG

.... leaving her looking a lot thinner!

Now on day 36, she is filling out again, and grown around 3cm taller since last week. but still looking very pale green around the edges of her leaves....
day 36 NQ 1.JPG

Its getting to the stage where I need a separate bucket of feed for each, certainly the Alien and Mandarin have different needs, the Pineapple and Night Queen have to move up a gear or two, and I might have to get serious and tailor make my nute mix for each individual plant.

You can see why it took me so long to get this update up!

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:55 am
by teetee
So Tropical Cyclone Debbie ripped through.....

We got off lightly, as were on a hill, but we had what looked like an ocean view to the west for a few days. Theres a few towns nearby that may not ever fully recover. Ive just driven up to the City and back and the flooding is still high on the border.... more than a week later. I know people that have lost everything, their possessions, cars, clothes, furniture, stuff in storage all gone, looting etc I hate the rainy season here, but its better than Britain!

Excuse the lack of apostrophes..... that buttons gone and I cant be arsed to go through my whole post with the on screen keyboard..... anyways......

Good news is Ive given up smoking cigarettes (fucking YES!!!)..... been a good couple of weeks now. Im using patches on prescription from the Doc and those plastic nicorette inhalator thingys. The patches are really keeping the cravings down and I suck on the dummy when I drive or sit next to my Missus as she chugs away.
So far so good, I really have got myself in the mental state where I actually hate the damn things. In the past Ive always found myself saying that I actually like smoking..... not this time. I just hate them.
Ive not had any sneaky ones either - always been my downfall in previous attempts. Its amazing how automatic smoking can be... last weekend, I had given the kids their brekkie, then retreated to the grow/smoking room for 5 mins..... I sat down, opened the laptop, and without breaking my gaze from the flickering screen, I reached to the side, flipped open a pack of fags, popped one out and in my mouth, lit it and before I inhaled, realised what I was doing and hurled it in the ashtray like a grenade. I didnt even want one, it was like a reflex action!

This is a really different feeling to all the many times Ive given up before.... I hope this is the one! I KNOW this is the one!

Im still smoking joints.... thats the biggie..... I LOVE smoking joints. RAW papers, 100% homegrown, well flushed green, so toxins are as low as I can get them. That will do for now, but Im still looking at vapourisers.

Ive moved from the Crafty to Mighty (better battery) to Plenty (bigger chamber but plugged in).... so back to the Mighty. Then I read about the VapeXhale.... seriously lovely piece of kit that seems to get excellent reviews.... but Aussie prices are stupid (for all the above vapes). Im not in any hurry, but one day Ill probably get the VapeXhale.... unless something better comes along at a reasonable price.

Its day 60 in the tent of Multi Strain Madness, and theyre all in varying stages of flowering. Heres a group shot....
day 60 group.JPG
clockwise from top left: Cream Mandarine XL, Night Queen, Toofless Alien and Pineapple Express.

Last update, I was going on about how the Night Queen and Pineapple Express were playing up.... losing loads of leaves and not drinking very much.... they seem to be recovering, more so the Pineapple.... here she is:
day 55 PE 1.JPG

Leaves are looking shite but the buds are developing well.
day 55 PE 2.JPG

Shes officially at day 55. I have just started giving the first of 4 days of an EC 0.8 feed with PK 13/14 to boost those colas. Shes grown to 48cm.
Although she is recovering from some unknown stressful experience (probably too high an EC in late veg), she still has some weird looking colours in her leaves, but those colas seem fine.....
day 55 PE 3.JPG

The Night Queen went downhill rapidly after her 4th week. now shes 46 days old, looking really poorly.....
day 46 NQ 1.JPG

She has these strange new leaves around her flowers that are green with yellow bands half way down.
day 46 NQ 2.JPG

Buds are forming and there seems to be progress, so I expect I will get an ounce of some so-so weed out of her. Theres still time for her to sort herself out, but Im not sure what more I can do.... I have her EC at 0.8 and shes having some Kelp for extra micronutrients.

The Cream Mandarine has finally started to flower. She looks like she will go a lot longer than the advertised 65-70 days seeing that shes now on day 60 and her buds are tiny...... smaller than any of the others - including the Night Queen!
day 60 CM 1.JPG

Shes a nice bushy healthy looking girl about 45cm tall. I think she will come good in the end.... maybe in 6 weeks or so!

I have been trying to reduce her EC down to 0.8 and shes drinking like a fish.

Heres the action around her main cola tip...
day 60 CM 2.JPG

Lastly the Toofless Alien.... also on day 60, but noticably more advanced in flowering than any of the others....
day 60 TA 1.JPG

Her main cola is thick and chunky rising high above the rest of the plant.....
day 60 TA 2.JPG

.....and shes got loads of thick buds developing in her mid section too....
day 60 TA 3.JPG

Thats it for now, all up to date..... have a great weekend!

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:20 am
by ledbud
they will recover in week or so bro.
pull really bad leafs out.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Teetee's Multi Strain Madness

PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:22 am
by teetee
Looks like they're recovering already Bro....

The Lord Shiva must have paid a visit.... out of carnage there is rebirth.... here's the Pineapple Express today on day 59.....
day 59 PE.JPG

.... filling out nicely with some big buds....
day 59 PE bud 1.JPG

day 59 PE bud 2.JPG

here's the main cola tip from above....
day 59 PE bud 3.JPG

Toofless Alien (day 64) is really filling up with bud....
day 64 TA.JPG

Here's her main cola....
day 64 TA bud 1.JPG

.....and from above....
day 64 TA bud 3.JPG

...and elsewhere on the TA....
day 64 TA bud 2.JPG

Even the sickly Night Queen (day 50) is perking up....
day 50 NQ.JPG

Meanwhile the Cream Mandarine is still being a bit shy for such a (64 day old) big lass....
day 64 CM.JPG

Thanks for looking in, good growing karma to all!