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Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:43 am
by teetee
My last grow ended quite abruptly on day 81 as I had to dismantle my set up for a Landlord inspection. :x

Bad news for my harvest, but I still managed to pull over 21 ounces from 3 Autos. ;)

Good news as I have taken the opportunity to rectify a few problems that have been brewing ever since I first set everything up just over 2 years ago...... :roll:

1. Cleaned the tent for the first time!

2. Managed to re-route some of the wiring

3. Reinforced the roof

4. Created better hanging options to be more flexible with lighting

5. Replaced the 2x broken internal fans (one 6" and one 15")

My 1.4m2 Seahawk tent is a bit crap really..... I've had it just over 2 years, running constantly. The poles are thin and the tent itself is a bit saggy. With extraction on, the walls suck in to give me a space less than 1.2m2.

I use plenty of LEDs and keep all the wiring etc on top of the tent, and about 6 months ago the roof poles started bending in. The pole at the top front has totally bent in the middle, and as I was mid grow, all I did was lash a metal stake to it with some cable ties.

day 99 AU 06.JPG

I never got round to fixing the issue until the landlord inspection forced me to dismantle everything.

Now I have the tent back up again, and I've had the opportunity to sort it all out........

First, I swapped the top roof poles for the floor poles, effectively turning the frame upside down. Basically a new set of straight(ish) poles already!

Then I got some heavy mesh from my local DIY shop, I was lucky to find some pre cut to 1.8m x 1.2m with 10cm squares about 5-6mm thick. I bent either side over to make it fit over the tent frame.
After making the tent up again, I unzipped the roof (I didn't have to remove the roof fully as the mesh was 1.2m wide) and fitted the mesh panel over the tent frame and zipped the roof back over over.

Here you can see what I mean by bending the sides over to make it fit......

Here's the panel in place.....

Now the roof is stronger and I have much improved hanging options.......

The only bit of cutting I had to do was to make space for the extraction ducting...... you might see I've cut and bent back a bit just there as the ducting goes up..... pretty easy to do.

You can see something new...... something shiny...... my new Skyline 400W LEDs!!!!! They give off an intense white light and direct vision leaves you staggering around aimlessly.

What else is new in the tent?...... oh yeah, the seedlings.

I had to grow the Daiquiri Lime (for sheer yield) and the Colorado Cookie again, but rather than the Blackberry Kush, I thought Night Queen might be good....... she is one of Dutch Passions strongest Indica Autos with THC over 20% and promises an unusually heavy and long lasting effect! I've heard she doesn't get very big though.

Here they are on day 1 with the Cookie at the top, the Lime on the left and the Night Queen on the right........

day 001.JPG

They were sitting under 2 Skylines which have been raised to pretty much max height, once they are more established, I will add one Photon 126 and drop them all so they have one light each

I used my usual germination technique of making up 3x 5 litre airpots with 100% Canna Coco plus.
I made up an EC 0.7 nute mix, made up from EC 0 rainwater brought upto EC 0.1 with Cal Mag, then I added H&G Coco nutes to make EC 0.5.
Then I added some Roots Excellurator and Nitrogen Boost to make EC 0.7.
I soaked the Coco with this mix and reserved the remainder for the first week's feeds.

I sowed my seed, covered the pots with clingfilm and topped them with some thick card to block the light. After 3 days in the tent with lights on for warmth, up they popped. 100% record intact.

The pots remained moist, so today it's day 4 and I'm seeing a little dryness on the surface of the Coco.

I gave 500ml to each of them in a circumferential manner (ie around the edges, away from the main stem), and will do so daily for the next few days, upping the EC to 0.8 fairly soon.

I rejigged the lights (in seconds) and lowered them to 2ft to flood my babies with light ..... being Autos, I wanna give them the best start possible to maximise early growth.

Here they are this morning (day 4).....
day 4.JPG

from L to R Daiquiri Lime, Night Queen and Colorado Cookie

Wish them luck!

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:07 am
by ledbud
Your tent looking very nice and solid bro with the skyline , Helios 6 and photon 6 you will have big yield.
Happy growing karma bro. Bling bling all the way.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:18 pm
by teetee
Thanks Ledbud, it's like having a new tent!

I can't believe how intense the Skyline light is..... t's not like the soft purple glow of the Photons or the Helios.... it's full on bright white! I shit myself when I open the tent at night in case anyone sees a bright flash light up the night sky.

The plants seem to like them though, it's day 16 so here they are....
day 16 Group.JPG

from the top, clockwise.... Night Queen, Colorado Cookie and Daiquiri Lime

Temps are between 15 and 25C, lights are on 24/0..... the Queen and Cookie have a Skyline each and the Lime has a Photon 126.
I kept the lights about 2ft above the seedlings, and I'm letting them grow up to the lights. I might raise them a couple of inches today.
The girls are all around 15cm high, 30cm wide, and drinking about a litre of EC 0.8 nute a day at pH 5.8.

This is the Cookie...
day 16 CC.JPG

she had a tiny bump to her start, one of her cotyledons was split, and her initial leaves were slightly of kilter, but now she's flourishing.

The Lime also had a few small imperfections in her first few leaves, and is perhaps a centimetre shorter than the others but again, she is looking good, and has the widest span of the lot.....
day 16 DL.JPG

The Night Queen is doing the best of all, she is perfect!
day 16 NQ.JPG

Now they're bedded in nicely, I am gonna nudge up the EC by a half today, and see if I can push them up a bit.

I have to order some Coco to repot them at around day 28... there's no hydro shops round here for hundreds of miles, and delivery takes a good couple of weeks...... better pull my finger out!

Have a good weekend!

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:56 pm
by ledbud
your grils looking good bro, wait till they start budding, the nuggets are so hard yummy with the skyline.
my mate drooped skyline from 6ft and not a dent and works. my rooms much more silent now, just extractor noises only.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:37 am
by teetee
Day 23 update

All is well in the house of Teehee, no Landlord for a while means I can grow and consume my favourite herb without paranoia.
I can't believe it's nearly 4 weeks into the grow already!

Day 23 Group.JPG

I have some goodies on order......

Coco - for my usual transfer into 20L airpots at around day 28

AN Bud Ignitor - this allegedly dramatically increases the number of bud sites if given during weeks 1-2 of flower

AN Bud Candy - I want something better than the occasional half arsed molasses mixture that I used to feed my plants

AN Flawless Finish - I'm happy with my current flush routine, but it could be improved

Yo-yos - hard to find over here but they remain my support method of choice especially now I have the new roof.

The girls are on an EC 1.0 feed at pH 5.8. Temps are between 22-32C. I have been nudging up the EC compared to last grow.

I have had another (that makes 2) sessions of defoliation, the first was a week ago when I nipped the larger fan leaves to allow the new side shoots to grow. That was successful, and the 3 plants have shown plenty of growth in all directions since then. On day 22, they were looking pretty bushy again so I thought they could do with a bit more trimming. As well as some of the larger fan leaves, I also removed some of the lowest stems and leaves that were't getting much light.

I would have done some LST on them instead but they're in the 5L airpots and I didn't want to make the transfer to 20L airpots so fiddly next week. Once in their big boots, I will start staking out and LST.

Let's start with the Cookie.... she is probably the smallest at the moment, but doing better compared to my last grow at this stage.....
Day 23 CC1.JPG

and from above.....
Day 23 CC2.JPG

I had some of my 4 week cured Colorado Cookie yesterday, and it blew my thongs off (Aussie not UK terminology)... the buds were super sticky and when ground gave off an intensely fruity aroma that had an underlying skunk smell reminiscent of the 'Dam coffee shops back in the early 80's. It's such a great smoke, I'm glad I have one more on the go.

I plan to keep the Cookie as a special reserve, and use the Daiquiri Lime as my main smoke - there's so much of it! This is another lovely smoke, this time the ground gear has a very pungent sharp citrussy lime aroma with a medicinal petrol like tang in there. It also is a strong smoke, perfect for day or night.

The new Lime is doing well, looking very lush....
Day 23 DL1.JPG

I'm hoping she will be another big one - she looks like she's gonna explode with growth any time soon......
Day 23 DL2.JPG

The Night Queen is continuing to be the leader of the pack....
Day 23 NQ1.JPG

.... I wanna get her big then use the Bud Ignitor to fill her up with bud sites for a bumper harvest of hard hitting Indica buds....
Day 23 NQ2.JPG

They are all just, just showing sex, so all is going according to plan.... I just hope that Coco arrives before the weekend for the repotting. I wanna get using that Bud Ignitor soon as well.... but I will wait till stretch stops as I hear it inhibits it...... and I don't want small plants!

5L airpots can start to dry out very quickly by around week 4, so 2 waterings a day as a minimum, Once in the 20L airpots, I can slack off again.... I always plan to feed 3-4 x day in veg and 4-5x in bloom, but end up just feeding a couple of times daily, more often than not...... shame really as I can get better results from the more regular feeds........ I will have to make a point of pulling my finger out and feed them breakfast lunch and dinner plus a midnight feast.

One thing I am doing more of is checking the pH.... A few grows ago, I got lazy and I went through a phase of not bothering, and was getting nice results, but after checking, I'm finding that I have to bring the pH down from 6.3 to 5.8 most days before feeding and I can see the difference.... the N is more effectively taken up at pH5.8 than at 6.3

Today it's day 28, and the Advanced Nutrients additives have arrived! The Bud Ignitor bottle is about the size of a cigarette packet.... must be hot stuff! All I need now is that damn Coco!

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:42 am
by ledbud
they look like you LST them bro and all very green.
you going have some monster in your tent.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:56 am
by teetee
Cheers man, the Night Queen is showing the most potential so far, I was led to believe she was gonna be a small girl, but she looks like she's gonna take up half the tent!

The Lime is gonna get big as well, she's doing as well as the last one.

The Cookie however is still quite small, as before, and also is the most advanced in terms of early flowering...... I hope she puts in a stretch, I've tried raising the lights and I've tried lowering them.... they're at around 2ft above the tips.

She's the only one under a Photon, but even then should be doing pretty well.....

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:38 pm
by ledbud
you need another tent bor.
:cool: :cool: :grin:::::

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:21 am
by teetee
One day mate..... one day I'm gonna have a dedicated room, air conditioned and humidity controlled..... s'gonna be a while yet though :roll:

It's day 42 so time for an update.....

Good news and not so good news..... the Night Queen and the Daiquiri Lime are doing very well, stretching and jam packed with early flower sites..... that's the good news.

The Cookie has taken a turn for the worse.... she wasn't happy before the repot, and then during the transfer from 5L to 20L airpot, the lower half of the Coco/root mass broke up, she hasn't grown much since then, but her flowers are developing..... I'll be lucky to get an ounce out of her. :evil:

I've been adding more light to the mix.... the Lime has a Skyline over most of her (slightly more on the right), then her left is lit up with my trusty old Helios 6, which I have angled to the side. This should give me more chunky buds in her depths, instead of popcorn.
Additionally, I have a Photon 126 in between the Night Queen and the Lime.
The Night Queen also has a Skyline covering her central and right sides, and shares the Photon 126 that I have over the damn Cookie.

...... plenty of LED action in there..... have a look......
day 42 group.JPG
Lime at the front, Night Queen at the back, and spot the tiny Cookie on the left :cry:

Here's a closer look at the Cookie....
day 42 CC1.JPG

As you can see, there is some bud formation going on...... she looks like a micro grow.
day 42 CC2.JPG

She stands at 23cm tall, and is on an EC 0.7 feed. I dunno why I bother really. I may as well see her to the bitter end, after all something is better than nothing. :x :x :x Next time, I will keep her EC at a much lower level than I have done this grow..... she's a really light feeder by the looks of it.

The Night Queen is the most advanced in terms of flowering now.... she's bristling with flowers, and has a good height on her at 70cm. I'm hoping she'll stretch a bit more so she can really fill out with thick buds.
day 42 NQ1.JPG

Here's her main cola....
day 42 NQ2.JPG

The Lime is the healthiest and bushiest of my girls, standing slightly shorter than the Queen, at 62cm....
day 42 DL1.JPG

Here's her main cola tip, as you can see, much less advanced in floweing, so I think she will get a lot bigger this next week or two, then fill out.....
day 42 DL2.JPG

Both she and the Night Queen are on an EC1.0 feed with 0.5ml/L AN Bud Ignitor added, as well as the usual Amino Treatment (silicone), Roots Excellurator and Multizyme. pH is 5.8 to 6.2 and temps are maxing out at 30C during the day.

The Night Queen was showing a little Cal Mag deficiency, so I have upped the Cal Mag to 0.3ml/L and changed the lights from 24/0 to 22/2, and plan to drop to 20/4 during the last few weeks when the weather starts to get a bit hotter.

As the Night Queen is more advanced than the Lime, I might mix up a separate feed for her, and start PK 13/14 next week, and hold off on the Lime for a bit. I'm only using the Bud Ignitor (as mentioned earlier) for 2 weeks, I started on 0.5ml/L, but will up it this final week to 1.0ml/L. Then I will do separate feeds for the Lime and the Night Queen. The Cookie will just get a splash of watered down (to EC 0.7) nute from the Lime mix..... not like she's drinking much anyway.

That's it for now, thanks for checking in!

Re: Another crack at the Cookie & Lime plus Night Queen

PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:30 am
by ledbud
that tent going be full of buds soon, you really need bigger tent bro.
get 1.2 x 2.4 tent bro.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: