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PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:56 pm
by Newgrow420
day 56

Lights off.jpg

Group and saber.jpg

grooup 2.jpg

Cookie 1:
Some nice boulder type buds forming here

Cookie 1.jpg

Cookie 1 close.jpg

Cookie 2:
The second cookie is dense in foliage and internodes.

Cookie 2.jpg

cookie 2 close.jpg

One of the leggiest girls in town, haha she's such a thirsty girl!I think she will take a week longer than the rest

NQ 1.jpg

NQ 1 close.jpg


Beautiful buds on her

NQ2 Close.jpg

NQ 2.jpg

Orange Bud:


OB close.jpg


PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:00 pm
by Newgrow420
Purple punch barneys:


PP close.jpg

Bubba island kush DWC:

Rootsrootsroots > This has made me want to swap too DWC... This has been so easy so far! Lets see what the flower stage entails and the proof is in the smoke! Im making her stretch a little, these are some dense plants and i dont want to run the risk of mould because i couldnt be arsed to lift the light lol.

BIK hydro.jpg

BIK hydro roots.jpg

BIK hydro 3.jpg

BIK hydro 2.jpg


PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:12 pm
by Newgrow420
day 63

Hey again AFN! Time for an update on the 5x5! Day 63 and the girls are starting to see the finish line. They're on overdrive now until week 11, then will begin the flush.

Had to get the RH down this week with it dropping temps abit outside, so i am watering less.

i will update the small 10L plants a little later on.

Let's start with the obligatory group shot... i managed to get a lights off shot too.

Lights out 2.jpg

Group shot 4.jpg

Colorado cookie 1:

She is putting on her weight and trudging along, when i was watering i could smell that chocolate smell once again, same as i had with my other one. The buds are rock solid like round balls!

****Seem to have lost the individual photos for this on so ill edit the post later and upload****
*****She is the back left on the group shots. ******

Colorado Cookie 2:

This girl is stacking up so well, that main cola you see is wider than my forearm! Hence ehy shes so close to the dehumidifier.

Cookie 2 full.jpg

Cookie 2 full 2.jpg

Orange Bud:
Like i said last time, cant wait to smoke this!

OB full 1.jpg

OB close up 2.jpg

Night Queen 1:

She seems happy enough, she has been a bit pale but still growing with vigour and drinking lots.

NQ 1.jpg

NQ 1 bud.jpg

NQ 2

NQ 2 full.jpg

NQ 2 full 2.jpg

NQ 2 close.jpg

Purple Punch:

I am so happy with this one, barneys have done well here. These are some top shelf coffeeshop style buds.

PP full.jpg

PP close up.jpg

PP close up 2.jpg

Deez Nuggs 20l/10l:

I have moved these into this tent so they get nice and stretchy ready for staking. They are on around day 30 now.

DN 20l_10l side 1.jpg

DN 20l_10l.jpg


PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:36 pm
by teetee
Wow NG, that was a great post. For a first grow with a new type of light.... and each plant looks amazing!
When it's all done, you'll be spoilt for choice! I think that's one of the best things about growing your own.... just that. To have the ability to have a few strains to choose from, to choose by taste, smell, effect etc, instead of choosing which dealer has the best deal!

Keep at it Bro, it's a pleasure watching!


PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:45 pm
by ledbud
loads nice smoke there bro. great growing.
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 12:35 pm
by Newgrow420
DAY 70!

The vegging plants towards the bottom are the Deez nuggs autos that i started. Both on day 34 here, i altered some dosages as per feeding and they look happy. Waiting for some more stretch before i stake em.

Full tent 2.jpg

Cookie 1:
She was absent for the last update, i hope these are sufficient. She is going to be so tasty!

Cookie 1.jpg

Cookie 1.2 close.jpg

Cookie 1.1 close.jpg

Cookie 1 close.jpg

Cookie 2;
Stacking up for days, she is a little fatty fatty bumbum.

cookie 2.jpg

Cookie 2 stacked.jpg

Cookie 2 side thick.jpg

Cookie 2 side .jpg

Cookie 2 close.jpg

Cookie 2 close.jpg

Night Queen 1:
I think this girl will need a little extra time to finish.

Night Queen 2:
One of my favourites of the lot! Super dense buds and a lot of THC!

NQ2 close bud.jpg

NQ 2 full.jpg

NQ 2 close.jpg

NQ 2 close mid.jpg

NQ 2 bud close 3.jpg

NQ 2 .jpg


PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 12:42 pm
by Newgrow420
Orange Bud:

Orange bud close.jpg

Orange bud close 3.jpg

Orange bud close 2.jpg

OB 2 full.jpg


She is so thick with growth, it is a challenge keeping ontop of exposing her tops. Once these tops come up i will give another round of defoliation and then wait til they are level and then flip. Let's see im learning on the job lol.

Bubba hydro.jpg

Bubba hydro top.jpg

Bubba hydro top 2.jpg

bubba hydro roots.jpg

Strawberry Nuggets:

Heres a lovely girl that is a couple weeks from finishing. After taking these pictures i did a ruthless de leafing session so she can fatten up the rest of them branches in her final couple weeks. I was nervous about growing this as mephisto say it is one of their harder and more finicky girls to get a decent smoke out of, but nothing to challenging this time around. She has been a star! I hope i can get the rest of the sides and centre to fill out nicely.

SN mid growth.jpg

SN central growth.jpg

SN c entral close.jpg

SN .jpg

Hey everyone! Just thought i would let you know the dried weight off the purple punch was 183.41g

Which isn't bad considering i chopped a couple weeks earlier than i would like. Barneys say 60 days from seed... but i don't really ever go by the times anyone says on the packet! LOL, THIS MY HOUSE!!

I will take a few pics of close ups. dry bud shots etc.

I will do a dry sifting post when the entire lot is down and a squish for each...

The goldilocks zone yielded 42.21g > Which is expected and ok... This is just going to be put away until christmas, to get a good cure going. The same will go for the strawberry nugs... who has now actually grown some nuggs :crying::crying: I was getting worried! Looking forwasrd to seeing what this smokes like... If it is good, im gonna order some BOG seeds and try the photo it was crossed with.I think it yields better and after reading MRS BOGs reports of the pheno variations my mouth was watering!!

Anyway ill shut up.



PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 12:55 pm
by Newgrow420
Hello fellow growers!

I hope everyone has had an eventful week! I have... :crying::crying:

I decided to call time on the girls around day 77-79. I thought they would go for longer but, true to the female form... They're ready when they're ready... :crying: So i made some coffee, skinned up a PHAT Goldilocks zone head that almost put me kip and got to trimming with my eyes half mast... Oh yeah and i have caught a cold so i was stoned with a side of lemsip.... felt like i was on heroin :crying::crying::crying::crying:

So, I am really impressed from what i have pulled down, theres seems to be a good balance of quality and quantity, even though i haven't weighed it yet... one thing is for sure, this is the most terpy and best formed buds i have grown to date... Im not sure if it was an improved feed schedule/the saber/gaining experience or just a deadly combo of the lot. Either way i have learnt so much switching my setup up etc and pushing myself a bit... It's been a hard 11 weeks but fuck me the knowledge i have gained has been immense.

There's a lot of pics so im not going to waffle!! Lets get cracking!

Cookie 1:

cookie full.jpg

Cookie 1 side close.jpg

Cookie 1 close.jpg

Night Queen>>> The one i called Orange bud for the entire grow haahha

NQ side 2.jpg

NQ side 1.jpg

NQ full.jpg

NQ full manucure .jpg

NQ 1 close.jpg

NQ 1.1.jpg

NQ 1.jpg


PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 1:23 pm
by Newgrow420
Night Queen 2:


NQ 2.jpg

Cookie 2:

Cookie 2 close centre.jpg

Cookie 2 close.jpg

Cookie 2 side stack 3.jpg

Cookie 2 side.jpg

Cookie 2 trimmed.jpg


PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:53 pm
by Newgrow420
Here is the haul after i had trimmed a cookie a night queen and orange bud... Next to a 30L airpot for some scale.

trug w 30L.jpg

trug tub.jpg

trug 2.jpg

bubba DWC:
Just smashing it in the corner!

Bubba hydro.jpg

Orange Bud:

This is my favourite plant out of the lot! Stunning smell, greasy buds that are just solid and fat. I cant wait to get a super long cure on it and smoke/press it out!

orange bud close up.jpg

orange bud close.jpg

Orange bud full.jpg

orange bud stacked.jpg

orange. bud full 2.jpg

Here is the dry tent before i hung the final 30L!! Heres to full jars!!

Group hang 2.jpg

Group hang.jpg